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If you also drive a CNG car, then avoid doing these 11 mistakes

Photo: CANVA Avoid making these mistakes while driving a CNG car

Compared to petrol and diesel engines, the cost of CNG car may be less, but its care is more important. Neglecting small things can lead to big accidents, especially in the summer season. Not only this, if aftermarket CNG kit is fitted in the car, then it is also necessary to check it regularly. Most people do not pay attention to these things. Do you also own a CNG car and drive it? Avoid repeating these 11 mistakes while driving a CNG car.

1. Keep these things in mind before starting the CNG car

If you have a CNG car and drive it, then it is important to keep some things in mind while starting it. Most of the people start the car by putting the key only after sitting inside. Make sure to check the CNG kit before starting it. If someone is smoking bidi cigarette around, then start it only after turning off the car.

2. Avoid smoking in a CNG car

Most of the people after buying beedi, cigarette and many things for smoking from the shop bring it in the car and consume it. Actually there is a possibility of fire due to smoking in CNG car. This can happen if there is a leakage in the CNG kit due to some reason.

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3. Always start the CNG car with petrol

If a CNG car has a petrol option, always try to switch it on. Actually starting on CNG mode affects the health of the vehicle. There is a drop in mileage even after frequent switching between CNG and petrol modes.

4. Drive the CNG car for some time on petrol mode

Do not change the mode immediately after starting the CNG car on petrol and switch it to CNG. After driving it for a short distance, change the mode only when the vehicle is in motion, in fact, by doing so, there is a possibility of the vehicle stalling. If this happens on a highway or in a congested area, then people coming from behind get upset.

5. Maintenance of spark plug in CNG car

Spark plugs are used in cars. If you are going to drive a CNG car, make sure to check the spark plug before starting it. Checking it regularly can avoid accidents and any untoward incident.

6. Avoid parking the CNG car in the sun

In the summer season, people often park it anywhere in the street to save on parking charges. If you do this too, then avoid repeating these mistakes. Apart from this, never park the CNG car in the sun.

7. Get the leakage checked regularly

It is necessary to get the leakage checked regularly in the CNG car. You can also check this by yourself. The slightest leakage can result in a fire inside the vehicle if there is a spark while starting it. Apart from this, you must check the pressure even while filling CNG in the car.

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8. Must check after installing CNG kit

After getting the CNG kit installed in the aftermarket car, do check for leakage. Most people do not pay attention to these things. In this case, it is not right to completely trust only the mechanic. In case of any problem while driving the vehicle, you can consult a trained mechanic.

9. Avoid over speeding with CNG car

The capacity of a CNG car is slightly less than that of a petrol engine. Avoid over speeding if you are driving on the highway. Not only this, especially take care of the speed on the Uber Khabar road. In fact, when the speed is high, gas leakage can start due to breaking of the filling wall.

10. Avoid overtaking

If you overtake while driving a CNG car, do not repeat this mistake even by mistake. Actually, there is a possibility of fire in the car due to spark coming out near the battery after the nozzle breaks while overtaking.

11. Avoid installing local CNG kit in the car

If you have installed local CNG kit in your car, then it needs special attention. Actually the price of Chinese CNG kit may be less, but it is not safe. Italian and Indian CNG kit can be safe. Better quality material is used in it.

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