Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

If this bet of Mayawati works, then Akhilesh Yadav’s equation will deteriorate, there will be a big loss?

UP Nagar Nikay Election 2023: The BSP is attempting to create a Dalit-Muslim alliance in order to win by granting more tickets to Muslim candidates in the UP civic elections. Mayawati has revealed her strategy by fielding six Muslim and three scheduled caste candidates out of ten for mayor. Political analysts suggest that the BSP is concerned due to its decreased support base in the last assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Hence, it has reverted to its strategy of bringing Dalits and Muslims together.

A BSP leader has stated that by fielding six Muslim mayoral candidates out of ten, the BSP is emphasizing its focus towards the Muslim-Dalit alliance. The competition will be fierce with this. In the last election, the BSP was the second-largest party in Agra, Jhansi, and Saharanpur. Dalits have unwavering faith in the party, and they will support them. Muslims have seen little benefit from supporting SP, and that’s why they believe their future is secure with BSP.

However, this strategy may upset the SP’s equation since SP relies heavily on Muslim voters. Senior political analyst Amodkant Mishra believes that Mayawati has been pulling strings on Muslim voters since the assembly elections. In most of her statements, she has been warning Muslims about SP. By uniting Dalits and Muslims in the civic elections, BSP wants to test this equation. If this experiment is successful, the party can replicate it in the Lok Sabha elections as well.

Amodkant further stated that BSP had fielded 88 Muslim candidates in the 2022 assembly elections, but none of them won. Nonetheless, BSP’s focus on Muslims has intensified since then.

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