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If there is a war between America and China in 2025, then who will be heavier on whom? see who has how much power


America currently has 1.3 million soldiers.
China currently has 20 lakh soldiers.
America currently has 5,428 nuclear weapons.

New Delhi. The growing unease between the two countries has fueled apprehensions after the US military shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon yesterday. At the same time, in a recently leaked memo by Mike Minihan, head of the Air Mobility Command of the US Air Force, the tension between the two countries was clearly visible. After the memo was leaked, many discussions have started in America and China about the war in 2025. The question is also that if a war breaks out between two superpowers, then who will be more heavy on whom. Let us know how much military strength both the countries currently have (US China Military Strength).

According to The Sun UK, America currently has 1.3 million soldiers. At the same time, China currently has 20 lakh soldiers. Talking about the strength of the Air Force, America’s upper hand is seen here. America has 13,300 war planes. China seems far behind in this comparison. China has only 3,200 war planes. Talking about battle tanks, America currently has 5,500 battle tanks, while China has 4,950 battle tanks.

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Talking about the maritime forces of both the countries, America has 428 warships. In this matter, China seems to be a little ahead of America. China currently has 730 warships. Talking about nuclear weapons, America seems far ahead of China in this matter. America currently has 5,428 nuclear weapons. Whereas China has only 350 nuclear weapons.

Talking about the expenditure on military power of China and America, America spends $858 billion annually on its military power. At the same time, China spends about $ 261 billion on military strength. America spends 4 times more on its military power than China. However, these days, apart from its defense budget, America is also sending arms and other help to Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war. At the same time, he has made a separate provision of help for Taiwan as well.

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