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If the ticket is lost shortly before the departure of the train, then what will be able to travel? Know what the rule says

Train Ticket Lost: If you travel by train, then you must have a train ticket. If you have booked the ticket from the counter, then it is very important to keep that ticket carefully, because you can get into trouble if it is lost or stolen (Ticket Lost Rule). On the other hand, even if you have booked train tickets through the IRCTC app or website using the online facility, it should be saved at one or two places.

Because if your phone gets switched off or gets damaged shortly before the departure of the train and you forget your PNR number too, then traveling can be difficult. However, according to the Indian Railway Rule, they will be allowed to travel even in such a situation, but they will have to make a duplicate train ticket. Let us know how you can travel by making a duplicate ticket?

According to the information given on the IRCTC website, any passenger who loses his ticket during the journey or before the departure of the train is allowed to travel on a duplicate ticket, but before that it has to be reported to the Railways. . So that no one can misuse your ticket. According to the condition of the Railways, the permission to travel is given only to those with confirmed and RAC tickets and the condition is also kept that the passenger travels on the same day, from the same station.

How to make duplicate ticket and what will be the charge
There is no duplicate ticket for general ticket, but if the reservation ticket is lost, it can be made from the ticket counter after complaining. If you complain before the charge is prepared for duplicate ticket, then you are charged Rs 50 from the passenger for second and sleeper class. While a charge of Rs 100 is taken from each passenger for other bogies. If a complaint is made after the charge is generated, you are made a duplicate ticket with 50% charge only for the confirmed ticket.

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Refund is not available on lost ticket
A railway rule also says that if a passenger’s ticket is lost, then the ticket is not given a refund. Travel is permitted only by making a duplicate ticket.

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