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If the stand on the ordinance is not clear, then it is not with us! Rahul rejected Kejriwal’s tea

The civil war has started in the same grand alliance which is planning to fight against Narendra Modi. Some very interesting but politically powerful details of the incident that took place in Patna have come to the fore today. Quoting sources, it has been learned that Arvind Kejriwal made every effort to persuade Rahul Gandhi. Arvind Kejriwal even told Rahul to meet once. At least give me tea.

Rahul said – Why so eager to meet?

On this operation of Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi said, why is there so much eagerness to meet me… wait, will tell. After this, Kejriwal folded hands in front of Rahul and said that once they sit together, all the complaints will be resolved. But Rahul said that such eagerness to meet me means that you are thinking of some mischief. After all this coming out, it is clear that the dal is not able to melt between Congress and Kejriwal. The parties did not meet at all… The matter of meeting the heart is far away.

Image Source: PTI

Even during the meeting in Patna, Rahul and Kejriwal were seen sitting far apart

Know what happened in the meeting…
The meeting started yesterday at 12 o’clock, Arvind Kejriwal was the second among the speakers, the matter was kept on the ordinance, the CM of Delhi directly told Rahul Gandhi to give him/her a cup of tea, when he/she sits, then whatever is in your mind Will come to the fore, you openly say that you will come together on the ordinance, but Mallikarjun Kharge came with a statement of your spokesperson, allegations were made from both sides and the matter did not work out.

Kejriwal made the first hole in the opposition front
The things that have come out in the information received from the Patna meeting, Kejriwal has decided what to do after the manner in which he/she talked to Kharge and Rahul Gandhi. Kejriwal made the first hole in the anti-Modi front. Sources in the Aam Aadmi Party said that it seemed from Rahul’s words that he/she had already made up his/her mind. Leaders of many parties also asked Rahul Gandhi to support him/her but he/she did not agree. And with this the reason for Kejriwal leaving the press conference was ready.

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