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If the size of the baby is bigger in the stomach, then the mother and the child may face some such problems.

It is important to know the weight of the unborn baby during pregnancy. In order to know whether the mother and child are right or not, the woman has to go through many tests and scans during pregnancy, which also includes seeing the size of the baby.
These tests are done to check the health and well being of the child. Sometimes during pregnancy the baby’s weight becomes more than normal compared to other babies, this is called “large for gestational age babies”. Let us know about its symptoms, causes and treatment.

What is Large Gestational Age?

LGA or Large Gestational Age Babies is a medical term used for babies whose birth weight is higher than normal for their gestational age.

Fetal macrosomia is the medical term used for large gestational age babies before birth. Their average weight at birth is 3 kilograms, and about 9 percent of babies weigh more than 3.5 kilograms.

Weights more than 4.5 kg can be found in very few children. Most large for gestational age babies are born between 37 and 41 weeks, but in rare cases, premature babies can also be LGA.

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Important things related to large for gestational age babies

In case of large for gestational age babies normal delivery It is very difficult to be. If a woman has diabetes during pregnancy, it can be the main cause of LGA.

If the doctor finds the baby’s gestational weight to be high during the sonography, they may recommend a premature delivery. Regular visits to the doctor should be done for the health check-up of the child.

risk at the time of delivery

In case of LGA, it becomes very difficult to have a normal delivery. Delivery may take longer than usual. There may also be a problem of broken collar bone or nerve damage.

c-section delivery There is a risk of many problems like being, mother having respiratory problems, low sugar level at birth.

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What are the reasons for a child to be LGA


There can be many reasons for the baby being bigger than normal in the womb. The main reason among them is the mother having diabetes. If the sugar goes to a high level, then this sugar goes to the baby in the womb, due to which the baby’s body starts producing insulin and this extra sugar and insulin doubles the growth of the child.

The second most important reason is; Genetic means that the mother or father is overweight. Many times the weight of the woman becomes very high during pregnancy, the effect of which is also seen on the weight of the child.

Symptoms of Large for Gestational Age Babies

It is very difficult to identify LGA during pregnancy. However, if there is more amniotic fluid than normal, it shows that the baby is large.

If the weight of the child is more than 4000 grams or 9 pounds after birth, and the height of the child is more than normal children, then such children are called large for gestational age babies.

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Treatment of LGA


Large for gestational age babies are treated while they are still in the womb. There are many ways to find out whether the baby is large or is growing normally in the womb. For example, prenatal check-up, sonography, weight gain of the mother. Only after detecting this, doctors start treatment by making changes in some medicines.

Proper diet and proper care during pregnancy helps to a great extent in keeping the growth of the baby right. Talk to the doctor regularly for the overall development and good health of the child.


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