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If only! If I could confess these things to my parents, they would know how their daughter is.

I studied in a very reputed school, because of which I got admission in a good college. I did my graduation with good marks and now I have a good job. My salary is also decent, out of which I travel once in two-three months by saving some money. I like to read books. I also go out with my friends. In a way, there is no dearth of anything in my life. But even after this there are some things for which I have to lie to my parents.

Actually, in this journey of 28 years, I have both good and bad experiences. I have not only made a lot of mistakes in my life but have also learned a lot from them, after which I have formed my belief about living life. I admit that I have parents who love me unconditionally, but still some of their things compel me to keep some secrets from them. I always think that I wish! If I could confess these things in front of my parents, then they would know how their daughter is? (All images are indicative, we protect the identity of users in the stories shared by them)

I’ve dated a couple of guys

My parents have a lot of expectations from me. They would always think that I will love only that man in life, whom I will marry. But I’m sorry. I want to tell them that I have dated many men. I have had my heart broken many times.

However, he can be proud to know that I have come out of each breakup a stronger person. If only! I could tell them what I really wanted in a partner and relationship.

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i was depressed

I want to tell my parents if they remember the time when I used to stay locked in my room all day. She used to shy away from talking to anyone. Actually, I had a terrible breakup at that time. I was plagued by complex emotions. I couldn’t deal with my feelings, which is why I decided to go to a psychologist. However, I never wanted to tell you these things. This is because it would give you sleepless nights.

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i drink wine

I want to tell you that when I go out partying with my friends, I drink alcohol. Why do you think alcohol is only made for men? In fact, mom, I’d love it if you’d try a drink with me someday.

i don’t want to be with you

Sometimes I feel suffocated to be with you guys. I understand that both of you are concerned about my safety, but don’t expect me to return home before 8 pm every day. If I’m ten minutes late, you don’t need to panic. If I am not picking up your call at once, then don’t tell me bad things.

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i don’t want to marry

In which book is it written that a woman should get married before thirty? Every time you talk about marriage proposal, I feel like telling you that I don’t want to get married. I am not at all ready to take responsibility for someone else. I am working hard for my career. I am very happy being single.

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