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ICC Rankings: Number 1 chair will be snatched from Team India!

Image Source : TWITTER/ICC
Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli

ICC ODI Rankings : The three ODI series between India and Australia is currently going on. The series is still on par. Team India took the lead by winning the first match, but faced a crushing defeat by ten wickets in the second match. Now the third match will decide which way the series will go. The third and last match will be played in Chennai on 22 March. Team India has also reached there for this. Meanwhile, the last match is going to be very important. Not only will this match be special in terms of capturing the series, but it will also be special to retain the number one position in the ICC rankings. At present, Australia’s team is at number two and looks all set to come at number one.

Rohit Sharma

Image Source: PTI

Rohit Sharma

Team India at number one in ICC ODI rankings, Australia at number two

In the rankings released by the ICC last Wednesday, in the ODI rankings, the Indian team has occupied the number one position, while the Australian team is at number two. But after the arrival of this ranking, two matches have taken place, out of which both the teams have won one match each. Now everything will depend on the third match. Talking about the ICC ODI rankings, Team India’s rating is 114 and Australia’s rating is 112. If Team India loses the last match, its rating will drop to 113 and Australia’s rating will increase to 113. The thing to note here is that the rating will remain the same, but since the Australian team would have won the last match, it will occupy the number one position and Team India will move from number one to two. The Indian team is currently number one in T20 and also number one in ODIs. At the same time, number two is occupied in the test. Although the Indian team had a chance to become the number one Test team as well, but after winning the first two matches of the Australia series, the Indian team lost the third Test to Australia and the fourth match ended in a draw. That’s why his/her dream of becoming number one remained unfulfilled. Now after Tests, the Australian team is coming forward as a challenge in ODIs as well.

Team Australia

Image Source: AP

Team Australia

Team India will remain number one if they win the last match, Australia will suffer huge loss
Let us now turn to the second equation. If Team India wins the last match to be played in Chennai, then its rating will increase to 115. But Australia will suffer a huge loss from this defeat. Losing the match would mean that the Australian team would also lose the series, this would drop Australia’s rating to a straight 110 and the team would move from number two to number four. At the same time, New Zealand and England will be at bat. With a rating of 111, New Zealand will come at number two and England at number three with a rating of 111. That is, after one match, suddenly so many changes will happen. It can be understood from this that how important the last match is for both the teams. The special thing is that after this series, Team India will not play any international match for about two months, because the IPL will start from March 31. That is, if the Indian team remains at number one, then no team will be able to challenge it soon, but if it becomes number two after losing, then there will be no chance to make a quick comeback. Meanwhile, it has to be seen how the players of Team India perform in the last match.

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