Friday, December 1st, 2023

‘I had understood the direction of the wind in the very first rally’. Know why PM Modi said – now is the time to move on.

Raipur: The election campaign for the second phase of Chhattisgarh Assembly is now in its final stages. The stalwarts of BJP-Congress are putting in their full strength. While addressing a public meeting in Mungeli, Chhattisgarh, PM Modi fiercely targeted Congress. PM Modi said that now Congress has lost its life and it is time to leave Chhattisgarh. The Prime Minister said that regarding the PSC scam, the youth are also questioning under which mathematical formula the children of politicians and officials were given passes.

The PM said that Congress did not ban liquor but started home delivery of liquor after coming to power. There was a scam of more than Rs 2 thousand crore in liquor. Women were deceived. Why did you lie? Mothers and sisters of Chhattisgarh are asking Congress why they were cheated. Congress does not have the answer to this.

understood the direction of the wind in the first meeting
Prime Minister Modi said that when my first meeting was held in Chhattisgarh, I understood the direction of the wind. I had said in the first meeting that I have come to invite you. Invitation for swearing in of BJP government on 3rd December. I was able to do all this because of you. I have been able to do it because of your faith.

Modi’s guarantee
Prime Minister Modi said that whatever we have said in the resolution letter, we will complete it as soon as possible. This is Modi’s guarantee. Modi’s guarantee means guarantee of fulfillment. When I talk about the development of Chhattisgarh, Congress starts getting irritated. Now Congress has abused me and the entire OBC community. Congress hates OBC community. Did not apologize even after being asked by the court.

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PM Modi said that everyone knows what Congress did to the Satnami community in Chhattisgarh. BJP made a tribal woman the President. Today, if young people are forced to migrate from Chhattisgarh, then Congress is the culprit.
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Congress is guilty of farmers
The Prime Minister said that if farmers are in trouble then Congress is the culprit. Congress is also responsible for the plight of tribal brothers and sisters. Congress had given the slogan of eradicating poverty 50 years ago. There was Congress government from Panchayat to Parliament, but poverty was not removed. Under the BJP government, 13.5 crore people came out of the poverty line.

permanent house for every poor
Prime Minister Modi said to give my message to those whose houses were not allowed to be built by Congress, Modi will build a permanent house for every poor. As soon as BJP government is formed, everyone’s houses will be built. He said that Modi is giving 80 percent discount on medicines in Jan Aushadhi Centers, medicines worth Rs 100 are available for only Rs 20.
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The promise made to farmers will be fulfilled
Prime Minister Modi said that my paddy farmers, I want to tell you that we will fulfill the promise made to the paddy farmers. This is Modi’s guarantee. He said that I also want to tell the tendu leaf collectors that they will give back their lost rights.

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