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Hrithik Roshan has failed in front of this filmmaker, used to do Dhansu dance, even choreographers bow their heads

Mumbai. Hrithik Roshan is one of the best and handsome actors of Bollywood. he/she is known for his/her dashing looks and acting chops as well as his/her dashing dancing moves. Everyone is crazy about his/her dancing skills. Big dancers fill water in front of them. he/she does not lose to anyone in dance. But do you know that Hrithik was defeated in a dance by a filmmaker. This filmmaker has been a better and better dancer than Hrithik. But in front of filmmaking, he/she did not give importance to dancing.

In the recently released Netflix documentary-series ‘The Romantics’, Aditya Chopra was mentioned as the filmmaker who defeated Hrithik Roshan in a dance. Karan Johar told in the series that when he/she was younger, he/she used to attend birthday parties held at celebs’ place. But he/she did not enjoy going to these parties. In later years, he/she used to enjoy only in his/her birthday party.

Karan Johar did not want to become a filmmaker, the friend who changed his/her mind, raised his/her empire against him/her

Karan Johar told that there was a group of children and all of them were fans of Adi i.e. Aditya Chopra. Adi was his/her team leader and they all spoke a certain kind of Hindi film language which he/she pretended not to like. That’s why Karan used to go home and tell his/her mother that he/she is not going back and that she is too filmy for him/her.

Aditya Chopra was a better dancer than Hrithik Roshan. (file photo)

Aditya Chopra-Hrithik Roshan used to have dance competition

Abhishek Bachchan quipped and said that there used to be dance competitions in the parties. In which only two people, two competitors and both had exactly the same dance style. Karan Johar revealed that Aditya Chopra used to win every year in this dance competition. Hrithik Roshan always used to come second.

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Aditya Chopra used to dance better than Hrithik Roshan

Abhishek Bachchan said that as soon as Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Chopra used to go to the party, they used to look into each other’s eyes and then there was a tough dance competition between the two. At the same time, Hrithik told that Aditya used to dance very amazingly. Sometimes it didn’t look like a dance, but it looked amazing. There was a kind of confidence in Adi that was filled inside him/her.

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