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How will be the meeting of Anuj-Anupama, the new promo video revealed the secret

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Anupamaa New Promo

Anupamaa New Promo: The viewers of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer TV show ‘Anupama’ are angry with the makers since last month. Because there was such a twist in the story that the pair of everyone’s favorite #MaAn i.e. Anuj and Anupama got separated. Meanwhile, news came that both would get divorced, so someone guessed that Anuj would settle down with Maya. And some viewers spread the rumor of a leap of 20 years on social media. But now the makers have made it clear that no one can separate Anuj and Anupama. In the recent promo, it was guessed that they are going to meet again soon. But on Wednesday evening, a new promo of the show has been released, seeing which everyone is worried that what will happen when Anuj and Anupama come face to face.

Anupama talks about her mother’s heart

The scene when Anuj and Anupama came face to face was not shown in this promo. But the scene seen in it has created many questions, restlessness and curiosity in the minds of the viewers. Because in the promo, Anupama is seen talking to her mother. She is saying, “I haven’t seen his/her face, haven’t spoken to him/her, haven’t even heard his/her voice for so many days. Tomorrow when he/she suddenly appears in front of me, I am… scared, a hope too There is restlessness, there is happiness, there is nervousness. Everything is happening at the same time.

What fear is troubling Anupama?

Next, Anupama tells all the feelings buried in her heart. She tells her mother that I am happy that I will see my Anuj after so many days. It is hoped that his/her anger may have subsided a bit and the fear is that the distance between us may not have increased further. Afraid that what will he/she say when we both come in front of each other? What to do? what will i do what will i say

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Users got crazy after seeing the promo

Now this promo is going viral like a fire on Twitter. While sharing this video, the fans are writing that as restless as Anupama, we are also eager to see this meeting. While one wrote, “Ok, Anupama made me cry again.” While another wrote, “I really hate myself for getting my hopes up again. This clip from the Anupama team is very promising in many ways but what an awful habit of disappointing.”

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