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How the country’s popular TV show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ started? Rajat Sharma told the story

Image Source: INDIA TV
India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

Aap Ki Adalat: It has been 30 years since the country’s popular and popular TV show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ started airing. The show is still at the peak of its popularity. Often the question comes in people’s mind that how did the famous and popular show like ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ start? Where did the idea for this show come from? The answer was given by the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of this India TV, Rajat Sharma himself. he/she posted a video on Twitter and Instagram about how the show started and how it changed his/her life.

The matter came out during the Delhi-Mumbai journey

he/she told, Gulshan Grover was sitting with me in the flight from Delhi to Mumbai. he/she used to study with me in college. Subhash Chandra of Zee TV was also in that flight. Pointing towards Subhash ji, Gulshan asked, do you know him/her? I said yes I know. On this, Gulshan said that if my interview comes in his/her channel, then I will be of great benefit. I said that I will tell now. I went to Subhash ji, the owner of Parle, Ramesh Chauhan was also there. I told Subhash Chandra that this is my friend Gulshan Grover. Get his/her interview done in your channel. On this Subhash ji said that I am a businessman, why don’t you interview him/her. Don’t know what happened on this I said – why would I interview him/her. If two men sit and talk to each other, then who will pay attention to it? Who will listen? Ramesh Chauhan said – what should happen then? On this I said that look, call the leaders, celebrities, stars, make them sit in the dock, come in front of the public and accuse, fix their responsibility. I have been talking for a long time. This was followed by the announcement ‘Please take your seat’. Then the flight landed and the matter was over.

Subhash ji said – you think about this program

After a few days, Subhash ji called me that he/she wanted to meet you. I said tell me I will come. On this, Subhash ji said that no, I have some work with you, I myself come. he/she came to my office and said that the program you had suggested. I said which program..? On this, Subhash ji said that you had suggested the court program in the flight that day. I said that I had said it just like that. It was windy. It was not the idea of ​​any program. Who will come and sit in the dock and answer? he/she said no, you think about it.

First show recorded on 12 February 1993

A few days later he/she called again. Then I said that I am the one who comes to you. After this I said that it was all air. But Subhash ji continued to insist. he/she said that you can do this program. A few days later, he/she sent his/her creative directors Kamlesh Pandey and Karuna Samtani to me. These people said that only you can do this programme. I said that I have never done such a program. But they said we will help. Will bring the director. Will set Then it was decided that let’s try to record the programme. If it goes well, we will telecast it and if it doesn’t, we will leave it. Then I said that all the expenses of the recording will be yours. Because I don’t have any resources. This is how your court started. The first show was recorded on 12 February 1993 with Lalu Prasad. Then what happened after that is history.

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