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How much population control law does India need? Know what is the stand of Modi government

Population Control Law India: India has now become the most populous country in the world. In this matter, India has left China behind. Since independence, there has been a huge jump in the population of India. In the last few decades, concern was raised about this increasing population, but no concrete efforts were ever made to stop it. The Modi government has been in power for the last almost 9 years, in such a situation, the demand for making population law has been continuously raised by the RSS. Because the RSS is seen to be associated with the BJP, in such a situation, the Modi government can bring a law to stop the population from growing. Today we will talk about the demand for this population law and the government’s stand on it.

According to a report released by the United Nations, the total population of India has reached 142.86 crores, while the total population of China is 142.57 crores. That is, about 30 lakh people have increased in India as compared to China. Now there is a lot of talk about India reaching number-1 position in terms of population, meanwhile some people have started talking about population control law. This can become a big issue in the coming days.

The demand for population control is very old
Even though India has become the number-1 country in the world in terms of population for the first time, but the demand to control the population is not new. There has been a debate going on for the last several decades regarding the population control law. We all have been hearing the slogan ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ since the 1970s. However, no government has ever shown the courage to implement the law of population control. Sanjay Gandhi had given instructions to run a sterilization campaign during the Emergency. After this, in different cities and villages of India, people were forcibly caught and sterilized. Lakhs of people were sterilized in just one year. However, there was a lot of opposition to this method of population control. The result of which was that the Congress got badly defeated in the next Lok Sabha elections. Since then, no government has even thought of taking such a step.

attempt to enforce law
The Modi government has never shown a clear stand regarding the population law. The ministers of the government kept giving different statements regarding this. The Population Regulation Bill was brought in 2019 regarding this. Under which it was proposed to be punished for having more than two children and to be deprived of the benefits of government schemes. It was a private member’s bill, which was introduced in the Rajya Sabha by the RSS leader and BJP MP Rakesh Sinha. There was fierce opposition to this bill. Later it was put in cold storage. Although this has not happened for the first time, since independence, a bill regarding population control has been introduced about 35 times, but till date it has not been implemented legally.

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What do experts say on population control
We talked to constitutional expert Arvind Jain regarding population control. In which he/she told that there is no need of any kind of law regarding population in India. he/she said, “There is a need to reduce the economic disparity, not the population control law in the country. We are not able to use our sources and resources properly. That’s why problems are increasing. The day we do this, the country It will automatically start walking on the path of progress. Today the situation is such that only 5% of the people have half the wealth of the country, while 95% have the remaining 50%. There is a dire need to reduce this gap. Everything will be fine if the partition is done properly.”

what is the attitude of the government
Different statements have been coming from the government on the population control law. In July 2021, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Bharti Praveen replied on this. In which he/she said that the Modi government is not considering bringing a two-child policy, nor is work on any other such scheme. he/she had said that the work of controlling the population is being done only through the National Family Program.

A few months after this statement, another minister of the Modi government said that a law will be brought soon regarding population control. Prahlad Patel gave this statement while talking to the media in Raipur. Which was discussed a lot. After this, all the RSS leaders also raised this issue a lot and said that law is necessary for population control.

PM Modi had mentioned
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also gave a statement from Red Fort regarding the increasing population. On the occasion of Independence Day in 2019, the PM appealed to the people of the country to have a small family. They said, “The population explosion that is happening wildly here, this population explosion can create many new problems for us and for our future generations.” During this, PM Modi had said that before the birth of a child, an educated class thinks about its needs. This not only benefits you but also the country.

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Why is it difficult to implement population control law?
All minority communities have been consistently vocal about the population control law. Especially Muslim leaders say that this law should not be made. On the other hand, the experts of the constitution believe that instead of the law for population control, people can be encouraged in different ways. This can be rectified by giving relief to people in different things like bank loan, interest, employment.

Talking about the dangers of implementing the population control law, it can lead to a huge jump in cases of unsafe abortions. Because there are many parts of the country where contraceptive facilities are not available, women can be forced to have abortions to avoid punishment. Unsafe abortion can put the life of women at risk. There are some other similar dangers as well, which will be necessary to see and understand before making a law.

Hindu-Muslim happens every time
Whenever there is a mention of making a law on population control, then Hindu-Muslim debate breaks out. Some Muslim leaders say that the population control law is anti-Muslim. They allege that this law will be brought to target Muslims. Although it is not so, apart from the Muslim community, there are many minority communities living in the country. On whom the effect of population control law can be more. Because their population growth rate is very low and it is continuously decreasing. These include people from Parsi, Buddhist, Jain, Christian and some other such societies.

China had to suffer the consequences
When we spoke to Constitution expert Arvind Jain, he/she clearly said that today there is no need to enact a law on population control. Sanjay Gandhi’s era was different, when people were not so educated and aware. Then the use of contraceptive methods was also less. Although today it is not so. When China started its one child policy, it was thought that the population would be controlled. Started in 1979, this policy lasted for about 30 years. But it started affecting the working population of China. After which China had to consider its one child policy. Today, China is constantly getting old and here the youth are being advised to have children by the government.

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