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How much is a Steelbird Blauer POD Helmet worth for in terms of safety, styling and comfort? read review

Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited launched its ultra-cool in the month of May this year. Steelbird Blauer POD (Steelbird Blower POD) helmet. This helmet has been made in partnership with Steelbird and Blauer. For your information here, let us tell you that Blauer is a US’s high-end protective apparel manufacturer. This helmet has got ECE 22.05 and IS 4151 certification. That is, the Steelbird Blauer POD follows both the European ECE 22.05 norms as well as the ISI standard of India. In such a situation, the question is, how is the Steelbird Blauer POD for you. So today we will give you the answer in our review. We used this helmet for 10 days and based on this we are telling you its review. After this you will be able to decide for yourself how much money this helmet is worth for you. So let’s have a look…


First of all, let’s talk about the packaging, then inside a box you will get a helmet in a black color bag. We liked the quality of the bag. However, thin lines have been given in the bag, which are not usually found in other bags. These lines have been given to protect the paint of the helmet. In such a situation, if the bag is kept with care, then it can last for many days. Apart from this, you will also find a guide book inside the box.


Its look is very trendy and stylish. The special thing is that this helmet feels quite balanced on the head. Actually, usually open face helmets look quite big on the head, but you will not have any such complaint in this helmet. The look of this helmet looks quite appealing at first sight, which you will like at first sight. In this you will get round theme. Apart from this, better aerodynamics design has also been taken care of in it. This helmet comes in 7 variants. We have reviewed the Titanium/Orange color variant.

The top of this helmet has been given three big strips of titanium, black in the middle and orange color at the bottom. Blauer branding has been done on both the sides of the helmet. At the same time, Blauer on the center and visor fixing plate behind it. HT badging has been given. The matte finish paint done on this helmet will give you a very premium looking look. It has a dual visor. This helmet comes in four sizes. This includes extra small, small, medium and large.


The materials used inside the helmet comply with the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) standard. The inner sun shield has been given inside the helmet, which comes in two options, Smoke and Clear. It has a quick release buckle mechanism.



It has been given a fiberglass shell to protect the rider’s head. Its shell is made of fiberglass, which makes it strong from the outside. The company claims that world class safety standards have been given in it. The helmet is made using the balloon molding process.

steelbird blazer pod helmet


Now let’s talk about how this helmet is in terms of comfort? The fiberglass shell has been used in it, due to which it is quite light and its feel is revealed after wearing it. The grip of the helmet is great and that is why you will have a great wearing experience. Its visor is scratch resistant, so it provides excellent visibility. At the same time, the inner sun shield given inside it is of much better quality. In such a situation, you can wear this helmet without sunglasses in strong sunlight or strong light. Its inner visor offers excellent visibility even in the evening. You get a better grip in its chin strap. The harness of the helmet is quite soft, which does not cause ear or headache during long journeys. However, it will take some time to adjust in the beginning.

steelbird blazer pod helmet


Its price on the company’s official website is Rs 9,379. You will get this helmet on Amazon at a discount rate of about Rs 5240. However, during the review, it was not showing on Amazon’s website. Whereas, it was out of stock on the company’s website.

steelbird blazer pod helmet


This helmet is very light and its fitting is very good. Apart from this, its look gives a very premium feel.


Ventilation space has been given in it (harness). However, the shell does not have any air vents for ventilation, which is a major missing. Apart from this, if you use external glass, then there is no hook at the back to stop the strip of glass, which is found in most helmets of this segment.

steelbird blazer pod helmet


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