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How much electricity does the TV-fridge in the house consume, calculate easily, the bill will be reduced in 5 ways


In summer, the use of devices like AC, cooler and fan increases.
In the summer season, your electricity bill starts coming high.
You do not know which appliance consumes so much electricity.

New Delhi. In the summer season, people use appliances like TV, fridge, cooler and AC at home to keep themselves safe from the heat. This increases the power consumption. It is difficult for you to know how many units of electricity these appliances consume. You get an idea of ​​how much electricity these appliances consume when your electricity bill comes at the end of the month. However, even in the bill, this information is not available that which appliance has consumed how much electricity.

If you are troubled by the high electricity bill and want to know which appliance in your house is consuming how much electricity, now you can calculate it sitting at home. Come, now let us tell you how you can find out how much electricity your refrigerator, cooler and refrigerator consume and how you can reduce the electricity bill?

so much electricity will cost
How much electricity does this appliance consume? To know this you must first
Need to know what does 1 unit mean? 1 unit means 1 kilowatt per hour means if you use any device of 1000 watts for 1 hour, then it consumes 1 unit of electricity. If you have 4 fans of 60 watts installed in your house and run for 12 hours, then they will consume 2880 watts of electricity.

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On the other hand, if you use 1 AC of 1600 watts for 5 hours, then it will cost 8000 watts of electricity. At the same time, a 200-watt fridge will consume 1600 watts of electricity if it runs for 8 hours. Not only this, if you use a 750 watt iron for half an hour, it will consume only 375 units of electricity.

How much will the electricity bill come?
Suppose all the devices in your house consume 15000 watts of electricity in a day, then you divide it by 1000. This will give you result 15. That is, 15 units of electricity is spent in your house in a day. And to calculate the bill for the whole month, multiply the result obtained by 30. Suppose we multiply 15 by 30, then the total expenditure in the month will be 450 units.

How to save electricity?
If you want to reduce the electricity bill, then switch off those electricity-powered products which are not in use. If there are many appliances of high power in the house, do not use all of them together. Use LED or CFL instead of bulb. Keep the AC temperature around 24 degrees. Get the AC and motor serviced from time to time.

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