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How did STF find Atiq’s son Asad and shooter Ghulam?

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STF Chief Amitabh Yash

Lucknow: Umesh Pal’s killers Asad and Ghulam were killed by the STF team of UP Police in Jhansi on Thursday. In this encounter, the STF team killed Asad, son of Mafia Atiq Ahmed and another shooter Ghulam. After this encounter, the police made many revelations. In the midst of these revelations, IPS officer Amitabh Yash, the head of the Special Task Force, shared many things with India TV.

‘Many difficulties in tracking down both the killers’

India TV’s Uttar Pradesh Bureau Chief Ruchi Kumar talks to Amitabh Yash. In this conversation, the STF chief told that the team had to face many difficulties in tracking Asad and Ghulam. The police also had to face many failures in finding them. But the team did not give up and on Thursday, information was received about the presence of Asad and Ghulam in Jhansi. After this STF asked both to surrender but they both started running and started firing. After this, the police killed both in retaliation.

‘Both want to execute the incident in Jhansi’

Amitabh Yash told that when Atiq Ahmed was being brought from Sabarmati Jail to Prayagraj, Asad and Ghulam wanted to attack the police team. Atiq would have benefited from this incident and the court would have banned his/her movement, due to which we would not have cooperated in the investigation. This incident would have put the investigating agencies and the system on the backfoot. With such an incident, Atiq and his/her lawyer would have proved in the court that the police have failed to protect the accused, so he/she should not be sent to police custody. he/she told that these were their old methods but now the administration is more strict and such incidents have been curbed.

‘Umesh Pal murder case was executed with full plan’

The STF chief told that Atiq’s gang had executed the Umesh Pal murder case with a great plan. Who will go where after the event? Who will get it? Where will you stay? From whom will help be sought? And where will he/she run from which route? During this, he/she took care that he/she would not stay at one place for long. This made it difficult for the team to track them.

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