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How did a stage dancer become an actress and why did Shantipriya take a break from films? now revealed

Actress Shantipriya, who did films like ‘Saugandh’, ‘Phool Aur Angare’ and rose to fame on the big screen by romancing actors like Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Sunny Deol, has returned to the industry after a long time. She was last seen in the web series ‘Dharavi Bank’ released on the OTT platform. Now he is in a lot of discussion because of his upcoming film. Shantipriya will be seen in the role of Sarojini Naidu in the upcoming movie. Navbharat Times spoke to Shantipriya. In a special meeting with him, the actress spoke on many aspects.

What did Shantipriya say in the interview? Let’s tell-

‘Going to do a strong career role’

Talking about her character of Sarojini Naidu in the upcoming film, Shantipriya says, ‘As we all know that Sarojini Naidu ji is called the Nightingale of India, so this is her biopic. A very strong and powerful character. This film will be shot in three phases, first childhood, second middle age and third from 35 to 75 years of age, so the character I will be playing will be of 35 to 75 years of age. How Sarojini ji came into politics after getting married and then how she went to Dandi March staying with Gandhi ji. After that his life journey is in the whole story. The journey till his death will be shown in the film. Two parts have been shot and I think the shooting of the third part in which I am in will start in February or March.

‘Sarojani Naidu’s character is a responsibility’

Regarding the challenges of the character, she says, ‘The shooting of the film has not started yet but is going to start soon. So! When you are going to play such a strong character like Sarojini Naidu ji, then you automatically feel a sense of responsibility. So we take training to talk, look and walk like them. After that automatically a courage comes, regarding that character. She was a very strong woman and playing her character meant a lot. However, as a classical dancer, it becomes a bit easier to understand expressions and what to do. I have seen many of his videos and observed them closely. I think it should not be that difficult for me to catch his body language.

Very good, in fact the good times started from November last year itself. If I had a comeback with such a huge success of Dharavi Bank, what more could I have asked from God. A lot of work has to be done this year, good work has to be done. There are good expectations from this year as well.

Shantipriya, actress.

‘Good sharing with Sunil Shetty’

Regarding her experience with Sunil Shetty in Dharavi Bank, she says, ‘I haven’t had any scenes with Vivek Oberoi this season, but if we talk about Sunil Shetty ji, we belong to a family and we are in our 90s. The culture of the decade is still going on. So in that way, it was a great feeling to be back with the 90s vibes and Suniel Shetty. He also worked on OTT for the first time and this has been the first experience of OTT for me too. It was a great feeling working with Suniel Shetty. ,

‘There is a lot of difference between the 90s and now’

On the difference between the past years and today’s era, she says, ‘Technically we have moved forward, the rest of the work has to be done well. Yes, a little more time has to be given for OTT. But if we talk about the 90s, then many things have changed between then and now, or rather, there is a world of difference between then and now. Things have advanced, camera work has advanced, mediums have increased, so these changes have come. If we talk about acting, then you always have to do it well, only then you will be able to make an impact on the screen.

‘I am a director’s actor’

Regarding her acting and character, she says, ‘Directors give me narration only because they know that I can do this character and after listening to the character, I automatically get a confidence that yes, I can do this character. I will do the character. Being a dancer automatically achieves 30% of any character type. For example, when we dance, the expression on the face is done thinking of Krishna. Now we haven’t seen Krishna, but if we imagine him beautifully, then dance gives us the power to create and think of a character in this way. I do the character my way, but if some changes are needed, then I do it my way. I try to be a director’s actor.

‘There have been many ups and downs in this journey’

How do you see such a long journey? But she says, ‘Journey has been so beautiful, but many ups and downs have also been seen. I took everything very lovingly. I have faced all the challenges with great courage, whatever problems have come, I have taken them as a challenge and got over them. Be it career or personal life, I stood firm. I have done double role in the beginning of my career. I did double roles in Tamil as well as in Hindi.

‘This is how my acting career started’

About the beginning of acting, she says, ‘We both sisters are dancers and once we were performing on stage, a director from South saw Didi (Bhanupriya) and then because of her Didi’s career started. . I used to accompany my sister to watch the shooting and then a director saw me and approached me. Asked me will you do films? Then I said, yes I will and from there I am here today.

‘Being a dancer makes acting easy’

Which do you enjoy more between acting and dancing? In response she says, ‘No! I can’t choose one because I enjoy both. Yes, but being a dancer makes acting a bit easier for me. A dancer always remains a dancer, so as I was a dancer first and then became an actor, so I am a dancer first and then an actor. For me acting and dance are like two children and love is also equal. It’s just that the first child got a little more love.’

‘Ask my children, what kind of mother am I’

Regarding motherhood, she says, ‘Being a mother is challenging and being a mother of two children is very challenging and that too being a single parent is even more challenging. As a mother, I have given my thousand percent to my children, rest ask my children what they feel.’

‘Taken a break from career to raise children’

Regarding career and family, she says, ‘Be it mother or working or any number of responsibilities, a woman can do everything. Yes, it is important, for every person that how much time they are giving to the child and how much time they are giving to the career. At that time, my need for me was my children, so I put my career on the side and gave full attention to the children. Then I have worked in between when they were small class, but when they had board exams, again I gave full time to the children.

Presentation- Tanu Shukla

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