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Homeopathy medicine: Sweet pills are of great use in minor problems

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While working at home, things like finger cuts, skin peeling or burns keep happening. The weather has not changed that the children start sneezing. Cold, cough, fever, body ache are common. Some people are troubled even by small things like acidity, indigestion, joint pain, excessive sweating. Many people have different types of phobia like fear of height, fear of exam, fear of water. Homeopathy medicines are effective in these things.

The role of small sweet pills in homeopathy medicines is very effective and effective. Homeo doctors say that banana-curd should not be eaten after taking these pills. Also, they should not be touched by hand. According to doctors, these small sweet pills are more effective than taking them on an empty stomach.

Today we are going to tell the readers of our about some such homeopathy medicines which they can prepare themselves at home and by taking them in minor problems, they can free themselves from the disease.

Aethusa 6 or 30
Some children do not want to drink milk and some vomit after drinking milk. Diarrhea occurs when the teeth of children come out. In this case this medicine is effective. Some children do not feel like studying or are unable to concentrate, while some parents complain of low memory power of the children. on doctor’s advice Aethusa 6 or 30 medicine can be given.

Belladonna 6, 30 or 200
This is an essential medicine for children. If you have children in your house then this medicine should be kept. This medicine can be given if there is red rash on the face along with high fever, headache. Many people complain that there is pain in the body after a while and it also goes away on its own. In such belladonna It is cured by giving two-three doses of 30 or 200.

Bryonia 30 or 200
If there is a complaint of constipation then Bryoniya 200 works. This medicine is beneficial in dry cough, cough and chest pain while breathing. Bryonia can be taken if the pain in the joints increases while walking.

Oil and ghee are used in every household. If there is a complaint of indigestion after eating food made from these, then eat Paltasila. This gives relief. Some people feel very hot, do not even feel thirsty, if there is dizziness or fainting, then this medicine should be given. Must keep this medicine in homeopathy kit. Women who have delayed periods or have pain during periods should eat Pultasila.

Those who eat chili-masala or spicy food have indigestion. Have to go to the toilet again and again. Also those who reduce physical activity should take Nux-Bhom.

Natrum mur/Natrum phos
Many people eat more salt. They eat spicy things which have more salt in them. to break this habit Natrum mur Should be given It can be given in headache and fever. Acidity, indigestion, formation of gas in the stomach, worms in the stomach, change in color of the tongue Natrum phos Medicine should be given.

ChamomileAll the parents get worried when the teeth of the children come out. The child cries in pain. In such
Chamomile is effective. Calcarea Phos 30 or 200 should be given when teeth are coming out in children. This medicine works even if there is gas in the stomach. This medicine should be given if children are irritable or if they get angry a lot. Sometimes small children cry more. If you don’t get relief even by taking it in your lap, then this medicine becomes effective.

China 6, 30 or 200
This medicine can be given if children are irritable and have worms in their stomach. Many parents complain that their children put their nose in their finger. to break this habit China Medicine should be given.

Regarding the information given in the article, we do not claim that it is completely true and accurate. Before adopting them, do take the advice of an expert in the concerned field.

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