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Home Decor Tips: Decorate your home like this with old gloss bottles

On Diwali, we all want to decorate our house in a different style. For this we use various types of decorative items available in the market. But if you want to give a personal touch to your home on Diwali and want to do a budget friendly home decor, then you can use old gloss bottles. It is possible that while cleaning for Diwali, you may come across some old gloss bottles from the house, which you are planning to throw away. In such a situation, give them a new look and make your house very beautiful-

use as a habitat

We also use different types of flowers during home decor. In such a situation, you should use an old gloss bottle as a vase. You keep some very beautiful fresh flowers in it. This will look very nice.

keep the fairy light

It’s a great idea to place LED string lights in an old gloss bottle. In this way you can easily decorate any part of your house on Diwali. Especially, if you want to do separate lighting on Diwali, then this is definitely a good way. If you want, you can keep them on the table or hang them all over the house.

Make chandelier from bottle

If you have decided to decorate your house in a different way on Diwali, then you can also make a chandelier from a gloss bottle. You may have to put in a little extra effort in this, but if you make and hang a chandelier like this in your Diwali party area, then the guests will not be able to take their eyes off it.

Give a chic look to the gloss bottle

A popular way to decorate old gloss bottles is to engrave designs or words on them using glass etching cream or stencils. You can also use beads, shells or other small decorative items to create a mosaic effect on the bottles. This can give them a very different and interesting look. You can use these decorated bottles as vases, candle holders or as standalone decorative pieces.

– Mithali Jain

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