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Home birth tips: Labor pain has started! And are you alone at home? So how to help yourself

If you are also in a situation where you are in a situation to give birth at home without any predetermined plan, then instead of getting upset in such a situation, stay calm and be patient. Difficulties never come, so some tips can come in handy to do emergency delivery safely.
If you are alone at home and labor pain has started, then instead of panic, try to handle the situation. In such a situation, it is necessary to have someone pass, but if there is no one, then try to fix everything yourself. The first thing you need to know is that you are ready for delivery and in such a situation you cannot go to the hospital. Understand whether labor pains are strong and long lasting or indicate an immediate delivery. Remember, the first child takes longer than the latter, so prepare mentally.
Call emergency ambulance service number 102 and call an ambulance and doctor for yourself immediately. The doctor can tell you over the speaker phone about the basic steps for emergency delivery or home birth. Keep the door of the house open so that emergency ambulance service medical personnel can enter your home to assist you.

Delivery is a natural process

Though an unplanned delivery sounds very scary, but you need to stay calm and maintain your confidence. Keep in mind that babies who have their head down at the time of delivery, they pass out early without any problem. Home delivery is still safer for low-risk women than a hospital delivery.

push delivery

If you feel that you will soon be able to deliver, then try to keep pushing. While the baby is moving, be patient, as applying too much force can damage your soft tissues. Pushing lowers your internal pressure and helps you hold your breath.

You just try to push the baby out by gently pushing. When the baby’s head is visible, your hands should be pressed gently against your perineum. This helps the baby to move slowly. Place your finger under the umbilical cord and slowly loosen it if it is in your baby’s neck. Once the head is out, the shoulders and then the rest of the body comes out easily.

Do not tie or cut the umbilical cord

The new mother should be very careful about the umbilical cord. Do not cut it in a novice way, otherwise the child may be at risk of infection. At birth, if the baby doesn’t start breathing on its own, it can be life-saving, as 30 percent of the baby’s blood is still in the placenta, which can provide oxygen for two to five minutes.

Therefore, the cord should be attached and keep the cord wrapped in a clean towel for some time until the EMT arrives. They can cut the umbilical cord safely.

note here

You know when your due date is. Do not stay alone at home or go out anywhere around this date. If however the labor pain starts when you are alone at home, the first thing to do is to call someone who can reach you right away. This can help you quickly. On the other hand, if there is no severe pain and you feel that labor pain can start at any time, then try to reach the hospital yourself.


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