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Historical heritage is at every step of Delhi, visit these beautiful places on this World Heratigae Day

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world heritage day

India Did Capital Delhi Of History Any From hidden No Is. hundreds Year old Its History has all Kind Did the beauty Self In wrapped up happened Is. Is. Today i.e Did 18 april To Complete World In World Heritage day (world heretics day) Celebrated Go Stayed Is. In fact, Delhi In This way Many Tourist venue Are Where Country,World From People Them to see coming Are. Delhi In Mughals Did made Went Many Historical buildings Are. Delhi to eat From taking Roaming As far as Each Thing Of For Complete World In famous Is. Here Of Season Of So What to say Here fiercely Cold, Heat And rain would have Is. Delhi In the temples From taking church, Gurudwara From taking the mosque As far as Each Religion Of best And Beautiful Place to see To mill Will go This way In Today We To you Delhi Of Some immensely famous And Beautiful Historical Palace Of about In Will tell Where To you Less From Less One Times Sure Go Needed

Red Castle,

Mughal emperors Did Capital doing Delhi In Red Castle Very Beautiful And Attractive Is. Red Fort To shah jahan has 1638 AD In built Was. Yamuna River Of Near Red Stone From This Fort Of Construction Did Went Was. In this museum And Traditional Handicraft Of Many samples to see To Will meet.

India Gate,

First World Warning Of Martyrs Did Memory In become India Gate Too Delhi In Roaming Wali Place Is. India Gate But Immortal young Flame burning lives Is. You India Gate wander Can Are Its nearby park Are Where Enough activity would have lives Are.

Qutub Tower,

Qutubuddin Aibak has Qutub Tower To built Was. That time These Delhi Did To all high buildings In Involved Was. Qutub Tower To to see Of For Whole world From Tourist coming Are. Its Near only One iron pillar Is That But Today As far as War No Put.

Humayun Of mausoleum,

Delhi In Roaming Of For Humayun Of mausoleum Too Is. This Humayun Did Wife Haji Queen has built Was. These mausoleum Mughal architecture Of Sample Is.

Akshardham Temple,

Delhi Of Akshardham Temple Too Enough Beautiful Is. Swaminarayan Temple To you Necessary Go Needed These Temple Many parts In divided Is. Here light Show, yacht Vihar And cultural programs Of fun Take Can Are.

iskcon Temple,

Delhi In iskcon Temple Too Is Where Big Number In God Krishna Of Devotee reaching Are. Janmashtami Of chances But These Temple to see Worthy Would Is.

Lotus Temple,

Lotus Temple ie Lotus Temple In Any God Did Sculpture No Is. Here You Our God Did worship Tax Can Are. Here Of peaceful Climate Your Body,Mind To Calm Tax Will give

jama Mosque,

Delhi Did Jama Mosque India Did To all Big the mosques In From One Is. These Mosque shah jahan Did To all Ancient buildings In From One Is. Eid But Here Heavy Crowd would have Is. You Here wander Can Are.

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