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Hindware Atlantic Amelio Review: A Geyser With Great Safety Features, Will It Be The Right Decision To Buy?

New Delhi. Water geyser becomes essential during winters. Because hot water is used for other purposes along with bathing. However, special attention needs to be paid while buying a water heater because if you have not bought the right water heater, then the possibility of getting electrocuted along with water leakage increases. On many occasions, incidents of death due to water heater have also come to the fore. In such a situation, today we have brought a review of Hindware Atlantic Amelio water heater for you after a long use, so let us know whether it will be a good deal to buy this water heater.

Hindware Atlantic Amelio comes in square shape. Its design is very good. Plastic frame body has been used in this. It comes with White and Blue color combination. The water geyser comes in 15 liters option. This water geyser comes in compact size. A big rotating button has been given in its front. Talking about the overall design, the geyser is quite good. The best part is that it is different from the old cylindrical design geysers, which makes it look quite unique.

what is special
Its best feature is that if you want to heat the water quickly, then it has to be set to the maximum. Also, the option of minimum button has been given. Apart from this, color indicator has been given in the geyser. Means when the geyser is on, it shows green color in it, then it means when the water gets hot, then the color turns red. We have used this geyser for a long time. No water leakage or any other problem has been observed during this period. In this geyser, 15 liters of water can be heated at a time. In such a situation, 2 to 4 people in the house can use the water by heating it once. The geyser comes with a glass-lined tank along with a copper heating element for heating. Vertical stories heating option has been given in this. This water geyser comes with 15 liters capacity.

hindware 4

Electricity Consumption
Hindware Atlantic Amelio Water Geyser can heat maximum water up to 72 degree Celsius. This water geyser heats water at a very fast speed. It has a maximum water flow of 3 liters per minute. This water geyser comes with 5 star BEE rating. It requires 230 volts to run. While it consumes 2000W of power.

hindware 3

Excellent safety feature has been given in this geyser. I-Thermostat Technology is used in this. Instant auto power cut-off feature was given in it.

our verdict
The price of Hindware Atlantic Amelio Geyser is Rs.7,822. It can be purchased from the e-commerce platform amazon. 2 years warranty is being given on the purchase of geyser. Along with this, 7 years warranty is being given on the tank and 3 years on the heating element installation. In my view, Hindware Atlantic Amelio can be a good geyser option, in which excellent safety features have been given. This geyser heats the water fast.

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