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Here you get money for giving birth to children, the government gives the expenses of milk and diapers! This goes on for 3 years…

Different countries of the world have their own geographical and social conditions. Every place has its own problems and its own way of dealing with them. For example, increasing population in our country is a big problem and the government runs various awareness campaigns to control it. At the same time, there are some countries where the population is less and there different policies have been implemented to promote it.

Rules and regulations are made in every country according to its situation and need. There is also a country (Government Gives 1.28 Lakh to New Parents), where people are given lump sum money after the birth of children. This process of getting money continues for 3 years. Recently, Mithilesh, a travel blogger living in Mumbai, has given information about this because he himself has become a father after marrying a girl from Belarus.

1 lakh 28 thousand are given on the birth of a child.
Mithilesh has told on his YouTube channel that after the birth of the child, he has been given Rs 1 lakh 28 thousand by the Government of Belarus. He lives in Belarus with his wife, so he has been given this money. This amount is given to new parents outright by the government. After this, for the next 3 years, he will be given Rs 18,000 every month by the government. This money is directly transferred to the parents’ account. His wife Lisa gave birth to a baby through normal delivery 2 months ago, who is healthy.

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Why is government money given?
This amount is given by the government to the new parents so that they do not face any problem in the upbringing of the child. There is a lot of expenditure on the birth of a child, so first this amount is in lakhs and then every month 18 thousand rupees are given for milk-diapers and such basic things. By the way, baby bonus was also started in Finland in the year 2013 in Lestijarvi municipality, under which about 7 lakh 86 thousand rupees were given to the child as soon as it was born. In these countries, people are encouraged to increase the population through such bonuses because there are very few people in comparison to the land.

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