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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Here is the temple of divorce, you will be stunned to know its 700 years old history, know the location and amazing facts

Talaq Temple: There are many places in the world which are known for their strange history. You will find many such places in India itself, but here we are going to tell you about a temple, knowing about which you will be shocked. This temple is called Talaq Temple. The name of this temple is Matsugaoka Tokei-ji. It is located in Japan. During the 12th and 13th centuries, there was a system of divorce in Japanese society only for men. In those days, men could divorce their wives very easily, but the doors of this temple were open to women who were victims of domestic violence or abuse.

The history of this temple is unique
Talaq Mandir seems a bit strange, but there is a story behind it too. If people are to be believed, the history of Tokai-ji is about 600 years old. This temple is located in Kamakura city of Japan. This temple is considered to be the home of women victims of domestic violence. It is said that centuries ago women used to take refuge in this temple to get rid of their tyrannical husbands.

Who built the temple?
Let us tell you that this temple was built by a nun named Kakusan along with her husband Hojo Tokimune. She was neither happy with her husband nor did she have any way of getting a divorce.
During the Kamakura era in Japan, women’s husbands could dissolve their marriages without giving any reason. For this he had to write a notice of three and a half lines. According to people, women could divorce their husbands after staying in this temple for about three years. Later it was reduced to two years.

men were not allowed to come
Till the year 1902, entry of men into the temple was strictly prohibited. But later, when Engaku-ji took over the temple in 1902, they appointed a male abbot.

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