Monday, March 27th, 2023

Here are the longest road and train tunnels in India, how much do you know about them?

Rail and roads are the most common means of transport for the common man in India. The country is known for its roads and railway tunnels, which make it most accessible for people to move around. Today we are going to tell you about the top 5 longest rail and road tunnels in India, which you hardly know about. ,

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Indian Army Ammunition | Dragon-Pak and Bangladesh’s big plan! Know why the Indian Army is buying weapons worth ₹ 70 thousand crores. ‎ (‎‎Trending)

Pic: Twitter / Social Media New Delhi. According to a big news, the Central Government has given the necessary approval for the purchase of defense equipment worth 70 thousand 584 crores for the Indian...

Some such unique festivals of India, knowing about which you will be stunned

Today we are going to tell you about the festivals of India, which are celebrated in a very unique way. While celebrating these festivals, some such things are done, which can be seen only...

IRCTC brought a special package, visit many temples including Vaishno Devi, Mansa Devi from Delhi in a very low budget

IRCTC tweeted – IRCTC has given information about this package by tweeting. IRCTC has written in its tweet that travelers can visit some of the most sacred religious places in India like Vaishno Devi,...