Monday, March 27th, 2023

Heatwave Threat: These summers are ‘deadly’ for India and Pakistan, mercury can rise up to 8 degrees, no relief even at night!

Islamabad/Washington : The scorching heat this time in South Asia has knocked prematurely. Especially in India, dangerous heat is troubling people a month earlier than normal. In the month of April itself, the temperature has reached 38 degree Celsius and is increasing continuously. By the end of this week, the heat is expected to increase further. Temperatures may go up to 5-8 degrees Celsius above normal over large parts of India and Pakistan.

According to CNN news, extreme climate expert Scott Duncan has warned that more than one billion people will be affected by the heat, which is 10 percent of the total world population. The maximum temperature in North India including New Delhi can go up to 40 degree Celsius. Even after this, the heat is not expected to subside. There doesn’t seem to be much relief even during the night. According to the report, a slight drop in the minimum temperature can be seen during the night which will not be less than 30 degree Celsius.
Heatwave Warning: Beware! Scorching heat rising towards India-Pakistan, the earth is becoming a ‘fire furnace’
Mercury reached 45 in India and 47 in Pakistan
It has been told in the news that long hot nights can prove fatal for the body. These limit our body’s ability to cope with the heat of the day. Therefore, the summer season is bringing a big problem for India and Pakistan. The temperature in Barmer city of Rajasthan has touched 45.1 degree Celsius. On the same day a station in Pakistan recorded the highest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere (47 °C), said Maximiliano Herrera, an expert in extreme climates.

Scientist warned above average temperature
India and Pakistan have recorded above average temperatures in March and April. According to the India Meteorological Department, the mean maximum temperature for the whole of India in March 2022 was the highest recorded in the last 122 years. According to climate scientist Raghu Murtugudde of the University of Maryland, warm waves coming from the Arctic have given rise to this intense heat. In the past, Scottish meteorologist Scott Duncan has warned about the heat. In a thread shared on Twitter, he wrote that dangerous and scorching heat is moving towards India and Pakistan.

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