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Heater Jacket: Jacket with heater has come in the market, you can ride bike comfortably even in cold

Photo: TWITTER Jacket with heater has come in the market

Heater jacket: Riding a bike in cold weather is not easy at all. It is very cold while riding a bike in extreme cold and there is a danger of getting sick. Although people commuting by bike on a daily basis have to face this problem continuously, but now a product has come in the market which can solve your problem. Now such a jacket has come which works as a heater. Yes it is true.

You will find many jackets in the market which have heaters. Wearing these, you can ride a bike comfortably in winter. Apart from this, if you are fond of long bike riding, then you can also enjoy cool places. Such jackets will be available in the market for a starting price of around 1,500-2,000. However, as other features are added to this jacket, its rate will also start to differ.

for both men and women

You would be surprised to know that apart from the heater jacket, heaters that fit into the jacket are also available separately in the market. You will find Heated Vest Warm Body Electric USB Heating Coat Waistcoat on the online platform. The special thing is that both men and women can wear this jacket. Currently, the price of this Electric Heated Vest Jacket on Amazon is around Rs.7,254.

This is how this jacket works

If you also want to buy these heated jackets, then you can check on online platforms like Amazon. With electric heating technology, this jacket will give you the best experience in winters. A power bank is used for continuous heating in the jacket. The heater in the jacket can be turned on by pressing a button.

keep these things in mind

Companies selling heater jackets online claim customer safety. These jackets are made of waterproof and windproof material. It will not only protect you from the cold but will also keep you safe. It is important to take care of the safety features before buying a heating jacket.

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