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Heater Harmful Effect | Running a room heater overnight in cold weather can prove fatal, know the harm and prevention methods. Presswire18 (Presswire18)

Sleeping with room heater running overnight can be fatal.


Presswire18 Digital Desk: The weather pattern has started changing in the entire northern and northeastern states of India including Delhi-NCR. The cold weather has started showing its effects. People have started making various arrangements to escape the cold. Things like warm clothes, arrangement of wood for bonfire and room heater have been started. Anyway, when the cold is at its peak in North India, people do not even get to see the Sun God for many days.

In such a situation, it is considered very important to have all these things nearby to avoid cold. But if these things like room heater and fireplace are not used properly, they can also cause death. Let us tell you the disadvantages of sleeping with room heater and fireplace running at night or during the day and ways to avoid it.

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What happens when heater and fireplace are lit?

During cold weather, many times people go to sleep with the room heater and fireplace on. Which can be very dangerous. The reason for this is that when the heater is kept running overnight, the oxygen level in the room starts decreasing. Along with this, carbon monoxide starts increasing in the room. Due to which the right amount of oxygen does not reach the body of sleeping people. The result is that carbon monoxide enters the body and blood supply does not occur properly. If oxygen does not reach the brain, brain hemorrhage may occur and death may occur.

may be blind

According to the report, if the room heater and fireplace run for a long time, the oxygen level in the room starts decreasing. Which affects various parts of the body, including our eyes. Due to the heater running for a long time in the room, there is a lack of oxygen and moisture is also lost, due to which dryness occurs in the eyes and then a burning or stinging sensation starts. If the infection worsens, a person may even lose his eyesight.

These people should not use

In winter, it should be kept in mind that if a person is suffering from asthma, sinus, bronchitis or respiratory disease, then he should not use the heater at all. Apart from this, elderly people should also be kept away from it because they may also have breathing problems. In many cases, dangerous consequences have been seen in the use of heaters by respiratory patients.

never ignore it

If the heater and fireplace are running in your room and you suddenly feel uncomfortable or you start feeling nauseated or have sudden pain in the stomach, then you should be immediately alert. Because such symptoms indicate that the level of carbon monoxide in your room has increased. After getting up immediately, you should turn off the heater and also open the door of the room. After that, you should take other family members and go out of the room for a while.

With this the oxygen level in your room will become normal again. Although many types of heaters are now available in the market which claim to maintain the oxygen level, still check them thoroughly before buying such things.

Disclaimer: The advice and information given in the article is provided for general information only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, always consult your doctor.

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