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‘Heat clouds’ over wheat crop! The concern of the farmers increased due to the rapid increase in temperature, fear of impact on the yield


Due to above normal temperature in Punjab in the last few days, the problems of the farmers have increased.
There is a possibility of damage to the wheat crop due to high temperature.
The government is advising wheat growers to do light irrigation as per requirement.

Chandigarh. Wheat production due to sudden rapid increase in heat before winter (Wheat Corp.) But the clouds of trouble have started looming. Due to higher than normal temperature during the last few days in Punjab, the problems of wheat producing farmers have increased. There is a possibility of damage to the wheat crop due to high temperature. In Punjab and Haryana, the maximum temperature has been above normal for the last few days, while an increase in the minimum temperature has also been registered. However, for the last two-three days the minimum temperature has remained close to normal.

Haryana’s Agriculture Minister JP Dalal told PTI that the situation is not worrying now. However, farmers have been advised to be prepared to take measures like light irrigation in case the maximum temperature continues to rise in mid-March.

Higher than normal temperature raised concern
Parvinder Singh, a farmer from Kapurthala district of Punjab, says that the temperature has been much higher than normal for the last few days. It can harm our crop. Kisan Singh of Talwandi Mahma said, “The crop does not require a lot of heat at this time of the year. If the temperature remains above normal for several days, it may adversely affect the wheat crop.

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Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan, general secretary of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan), said, “The sudden increase in temperature and its continuation for several days can affect the quality and yield of grains.” However, Kokrikalan said that the good thing is that It is learned that during the last few days, there has been a marginal drop in the minimum temperature and it has been cool in the morning. “However, the hot weather in the afternoon is a big concern,” Dalal said. There is nothing to worry about right now.

IMD has also issued an alert
The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned that high temperatures in the next few days may adversely affect the wheat crop, which is in the first stage of yield in Haryana and Punjab.
However, in its latest forecast, IMD has predicted a drop of 2-3 degree Celsius in temperature.

Punjab and Haryana collectively account for 25 percent of the country’s wheat production. Punjab Agriculture Director Gurvinder Singh also said that there is nothing to panic now. he/she said, “We are advising wheat growers to do light irrigation as per the requirement.” You can irrigate your field with a sprinkler for 30 minutes. ”””’ Director of Punjab Agriculture said that the farmers who have sown wheat by mulching method, the increase in temperature will not affect them much.

In the last year (2022), there was a decline in wheat production in Punjab. Wheat production in the state was affected due to unusually high temperature in March last year. Singh said that last year wheat production in Punjab was 148 lakh tonnes, which was 14 percent less than the previous year. he/she said, “This year we have set a target of 167 to 170 lakh tonnes of production.” he/she said that the sowing area of ​​wheat is 34.90 lakh hectares.

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