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Healthy Food: Special Aloe Vera Laddu in winter, very beneficial in pain, note the address along with the recipe

Karauli. One of the flavors for which Karauli of Rajasthan is known, is one such ladoo, which is also very beneficial for health in the winter season. You must have heard and read about the use of aloe vera as a medicine in many ways, but have you ever eaten its sweets? Namdev Mishthan Bhandar, located in Karauli’s Bade Bazar, has been making special desi ghee laddus of cowpea for almost 60 years i.e. for three generations. Whoever eats these laddus once, becomes crazy about their taste.

Many types of special dishes are made in the markets of Karauli in the winter season. Ayurvedic doctor Gaurav Aggarwal told that cowpea ladoo contains a mixture of cowpea pulp, dry fruits, roasted flour and desi ghee. It is beneficial in diseases of the air and also reduces inflammation. Due to dry fruits, this ladoo also gives strength to the body. By consuming it daily, all the pains of the body can be ended. This is the reason why cowpea laddoos are regularly consumed in winters. This is especially beneficial for the elderly.

Mahesh Chandra Nama of Namdev Mishthan Bhandar told that first of all cowpeas are thoroughly washed in water. Then the thorns on its side are removed and the pulp is taken out in a separate utensil by dividing it into two parts from the middle of the cowpea. Then take thick wheat flour and knead it by adding country ghee according to the quantity. After kneading, round balls are made from the dough. The trees are then put in a pan and cooked in desi ghee.

Nama told that these laddus are available at ₹ 340 a kg at our shop. Along with Rajasthan, they are sent to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. If you also want to taste these delicious laddus, you can reach Namdev Mishthan Bhandar located in Bada Bazar or contact on mobile number 8058331694.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 12, 2023, 09:39 IST

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