Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Have you also won 500 rupees on WhatsApp? Don’t forget to click on this link, otherwise…


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New Delhi. Instant messaging WhatsApp is one such app that is used by most of the users around the world. While many facilities are being provided to the users including many latest features here, there are also many such things which trap you in the trap of hackers. We all have heard the news about various types of messages in which users are lured and then they are looted. In such a situation, even today we are giving you information about one such latest scam. In this message too, the users have been lured.

Actually, a message is becoming increasingly viral on WhatsApp, in which it is said that you are being given a reward of 500 rupees. If you want to take this bounty then you have to go to a link. This link is of a WhatsApp account. Below we have given in the screenshot in which you can see the message.

What’s in the message: In this message it is said that you have won a fund of Rs 500. To get it, you have to go to a link given to it. This link is visible to the WhatsApp group. We have not clicked on this link nor added to this WhatsApp group. In such a situation, you should also ignore it.

It is very important to keep yourself safe: We would advise you that if you receive such a message, then ignore it and do not go to any link and add to any WhatsApp group. Also, do not click on any clickable link at all. Also, do not fall under any kind of greed. This can prove to be dangerous for you. Along with this, do not forward any kind of forwarded message. It can even land you in jail. Because sometimes forwarding the message transmits wrong information to others and they can take wrong steps regarding them. In such a situation, it is better to stay away from such cases.

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