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Have to search for a crow in the picture, this challenge will be played by a band of good people

People try to test their brain through pictures that trick the eyes. Because optical illusion pictures are adept at confusing both the eyes and the mind, which are presented among people as a challenge. Such pictures can be a perfect way of better time pass. Which can give edge to your mind while sitting. Believe me, there cannot be a better option than this to make good use of time. So let’s find the crow in the picture and enjoy the fun challenge.

Optical Illusion: It is not easy to find anyone in a picture that deceives the eyes. This time a task has been given to find a crow on London Bridge. Which would be almost impossible to accomplish. But whoever solved this impossible challenge would be called extremely intelligent.

Have to search for the crow in the picture
In the picture presented as a challenge, a task has been found to find a crow on London Bridge. Which will seem impossible even after searching once or many times. Actually, apart from 3 uniformed people, no one is visible in the picture. In such a situation, finding the crow will not be easy at all. It is surprising that even the sharp-sighted people like eagles and vultures are not able to find the crow in the picture, because the artist has set the crow in the picture in such a way that your eyes will not reach there. Still, we give you a few seconds to test your brain skills and vision.

The task of finding the crow was mind boggling

The challenge of looking for a crow is very difficult
Although the challenge is very difficult, yet smart minds and sharp eyes solve the knot by applying one trick or the other. Just like in this picture, some percent of the people engaged in search of crow are such who must have got success. But those who are puzzled till now will have to look at the trouser of the British soldier standing in front of the picture. If you look at the trouser carefully and using mental skills, then the figure of a crow will be visible in its shadow.

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