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Have to go home on Holi, not getting confirmed ticket, use this option of railway, long journey will be completed by sitting and not sleeping


Many times you do not get confirmed seat even after taking ticket from TT.
Especially in trains with busy routes like Patna Mumbai, Lucknow Delhi etc.
In such a situation, you try to manage in other’s seat or berth.

New Delhi. Confirm ticket is usually available through Tatkal service of Indian Railways. But, sometimes it becomes difficult to get tickets due to festive season, weddings or holidays. This happens because the number of passengers traveling by rail increases a lot. A large number of people try to book Tatkal tickets immediately. Many people get disappointed in this effort. If you are also one of them, then today we are going to tell you another way, with the help of which you can book confirmed tickets.

Many times even after taking ticket from TT, you do not get confirmed seat, especially in trains with busy routes like Patna Mumbai, Lucknow Delhi etc. In such a situation, you try to manage in other’s seat or berth or you have to travel standing up.

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Use this option for confirm seat
To get rid of these problems, you can choose the alternative scheme of IRCTC during ticket booking. The expectation of confirmation of train tickets booked under this scheme increases. IRCTC had started Vikalp train ticket scheme in the year 2015 with the objective of providing confirmed tickets to maximum number of passengers.

Know what is VIKALP
VIKALP scheme is a scheme started for the convenience of passengers traveling in Indian Railways, through which passengers can opt for other train to get confirmed ticket while booking waitlisted ticket online. This scheme is also known as Alternate Train Accommodation Scheme (ATAS).

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How to choose train ticket booking option
You can check the current availability of time tickets while booking tickets.
When you see that the seat is not available in the train or is showing in waiting.
So choose irctc vikalp while booking train tickets online.
Under this, apart from your booked train, you can choose seven other trains of the same route.
If the option option does not appear during ticket booking.
So you can also choose option ticket by going to booked ticket history.
After selecting the option, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
Your ‘Vikalp’ option will become active.

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