Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Haqqani network wanted to take over the Afghan cricket board, clash with Mulla Baradar again

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  • Mullah Baradar and Haqqani Network chief Sirajuddin Haqqani have clashed again
  • However, this time the issue is about the control of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB).
  • Haqqani received an order signed by the Prime Minister, after which the controversy erupted.

Taliban Deputy PM Mullah Baradar and Interior Minister and head of terrorist organization Haqqani Network Sirajuddin Haqqani have clashed again. However, this time the issue is about the control of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB). It is being told that on Saturday, Sirajuddin Haqqani received an order signed by Prime Minister Mullah Hassan Akhand. It ordered the removal of Azizullah Fazil, the current chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, with immediate effect and the appointment of former Afghanistan cricketer Mirwais Ashraf.

ACB officials also released the notification. However, when Haqqani-appointed new chairman Mirwais Ashraf went to the ACB office to take charge, Baradar’s armed supporters beat him up and did not allow him to take charge. Baradar’s men stormed the office, assaulted officials and forced the board’s staff to remove all posts in connection with the appointment.
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‘Two parallel camps in Afghanistan Cricket Board’
The current chairman Azizullah Fazil is with the Afghan cricket team in Dubai and there has been no official statement on the issue by the Taliban regime. In his post on Twitter, a journalist Asif Khan says, ‘Two parallel camps in Afghanistan Cricket Board. One ordered the sacking of ACB President Azizullah Fazil, but then the other camp not only opposed it but also stormed the ACB office! So Azizullah Fazli is still the chairman of the board.

Azizullah Fazil was reappointed as the chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board by Mullah Baradar after the group took over the country. Sirajuddin Haqqani’s younger brother Anas Haqqani sacked Afghanistan Cricket Board’s executive director Hamid Shinwari and appointed his relative Naseebullah Haqqani. It was a clear message to Baradar that Haqqani wanted to control the ACB.
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‘The Haqqanis are very powerful and they will not sit still’
According to Afghan journalists, the Haqqanis are very powerful and they will not sit still. Afghan journalist Sami Yousafzai writes, ‘The Haqqani Network tried to replace Fazli, the head of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, with a written order from Mullah Hassan. In retaliation, the terrorists of Mulla Baradar and Ibrahim attacked the Afghan Cricket Board office.


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