Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Happy New Year 2023: Google users will get these 6 new features this year, the search style will change

new Delhi. The new year has begun. But in this new year, many new features will be available in the tech world, due to which the style of searching will change. Yes, new features for special Indians will be launched by Google in the new year, which has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of Indians. This will make Google Search easier. Artificial intelligence has been used in this.

multi search feature
Talking about Google’s new feature, the first name in it comes from the multi search feature. In this, users will not need to write, nor will users need to speak. In the new feature, users will be able to click on a photo and search for it and get its information. Apart from this, things can be searched with the help of screenshots. Users will be able to search for anything simply by opening the camera in the Google app. This feature will start early next year. This feature will be available in Hindi as well as other local languages.

digi locker android support
Digi Locker can be used in Android Smartphone. Means DigiLocker is being integrated with Google File. With this, users will be able to access their documents online. In this, the Aadhaar, PAN card and other documents of the users will be safe. Users will be able to store these documents in the Files app on Android smartphones.

youtube course
Courses on YouTube Google is making an ed-tech play with YouTube Courses. Where a small group of creators will be allowed to put up free courses on their YouTube channel. They can upload pdf, images and other things in their video and they will also be given an opportunity.

doc writing feature

The most special feature for Indians is doctor’s handwriting. In this feature, with the help of artificial intelligence, the medicine mentioned on the doctor’s prescription can be easily detected. Tell that till now the information written on the doctor’s prescription could be decoded only at the medical store. But now Google will give you the information written on the doctor’s prescription. In this, Google will take the help of artificial and machine learning.

new google pay feature
Google Pay users will be able to know which people have been paid on their behalf? It already exists in limited quantities. But now Google is expanding this service. In such a situation, this year users will be able to get detailed information about the history of Google Pay. This will be a voice command based service. In which users will be able to ask how much he has spent on coffee last week? This service will be available in the local language on Google Pay.

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