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Happy Girl Child Day 2023 Wishes: May the lovely smile of the daughters remain… Many congratulations on National Girl Child Day, send this special message to your loved ones


‘National Girl Child Day’ is celebrated in the country on 24 January.
This day was started in the year 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

National Girl Child Day 2023: Every year on January 24, ‘National Girl Child Day’ is celebrated in the country. This day was started in the year 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (Ministry of Women and Child Development). Many such programs are organized across the country. Celebrating this day was started with the aim of bringing equality in the society towards girls.

The main purpose of this day is to raise awareness among the people about the rights of the girl child. This is a commendable initiative to promote their health, education, nutrition and their rights. The special thing about this day is that former Prime Minister of the country Indira Gandhi is remembered on this day in the form of women power. On January 24, 1966, he also took charge as the Prime Minister for the first time. Was chosen by the National Congress Party on 24 January as women empowerment.

theme of national girl child day
This time the 15th National ‘Girl Child Day’ will be celebrated. Every time this day is celebrated on a different theme. However, the theme for this year has not been announced yet. Last year’s theme was ‘Digital generation, our generation, our time is now – our right, our future’. The special purpose of celebrating this day is to do the welfare of the girl child, to see them equally. On this special occasion of National Girl Child Day, you can make each of those girls aware of this day by sending messages to your friends and relatives. You can encourage all the little girls by sending greeting messages.

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Send this greeting message on National Girl Child Day

Where are daughters in everyone’s destiny
The houses that God likes, there are daughters.
Happy National Girl Child Day.

Don’t consider daughter as burden of heart
That is your pride and respect.
Your home has a lovely smile,
Daughter is the life of the parents.
Hearty congratulations on National Girl Child Day.

Change your attitude, your thinking, all the scenes will change
Chance to two daughters in every field, you will see less evil.
Happy National Girl Child Day.

daughters can fight against enemies
don’t tie shackles to their feet
because they can fly high
Many congratulations on National Girl Child Day.

decorate your life by saving your daughter
Educate daughters and bring happiness in life.
Happy National Girl Child Day 2023.

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