Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Happy Father’s Day: My father is my best friend

Whatever the problem may be, father understands everything without saying it. Whether it is school-college tension or advice in the matter of love, I can talk to him openly, because my father is my best friend. He never leaves any chance to pamper me. He does not hesitate to put all the pleasures of the world in my lap. Papa is the only person who is around me, so I know that no heat can come on me.

My father is like a mentor, a teacher and a guide in my life. Everyday I learn something new from him. Every morning, be it interrupting me to wake up early or if he gets annoyed with me eating too much fast food, he worries about everything. Papa works hard day and night for all of us. Sometimes when I am not feeling well, they tease or harass me, which brings a smile on my face and all the problems go away in a jiffy.

Papa supported my every decision and expressed pride in it. If I make some mistake, he saves me from my mother and then gives advice in private. He explained to me that too much of everything is bad. If things are kept within limits, then all is well, but not taking care of it does not take long to spoil things. After explaining, he always tells me I am counting on you.

Father’s Day: My father is my teacher

Perhaps if anyone trusts me more than me, it is none other than my father. He fulfills all my needs without speaking. Despite this, he always works on making me self-reliant and proudly displays my chest wide on every small and big achievement and expresses it even in the family group.

father’s day special

Earlier I used to think why Papa does all this? But now I understand how important I and my things are to him. Papa always says that he only does 10% shows and I wonder if it is 10% then what will be 100%? Maybe this is the reason why I want my life partner to be the same as my father. The way my father always supported me since childhood, took care of me, never left me alone, always stood by me in my sorrow and pain, in the same way I would like my partner to do the same. However, it is also true that no one can ever match the love of a father. -Divya Cashier

[Content Contribution: Prakhar Srivastava (Intern)]


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