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Happiness returns to the Shah family with Anupama’s arrival, Maya will reveal the truth in front of Anuj!

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: So far in the TV show ‘Anupama’ you have seen that Anupama leaves the Kapadia house and comes to the Shah family for her elder son Paritosh. On Baa’s pleading, Anuj gets angry and says yes to send Anupama to the Shah family and Anupama also leaves with a stone on her heart. In today’s episode, it will be seen that as soon as Anupama Shah enters the family, she makes it clear in front of everyone that she has come on her own free will, but for a while, because Toshu needs her as much as Toshu, even younger Anu. Is.

The happiness of the Shah family returned with the arrival of Anupama.

There is happiness in the Shah family as soon as Anupama arrives. The entire Shah family jumps with joy, dances and sings. However, on the one hand there is an atmosphere of happiness in the Shah family due to the arrival of Anupama, whereas in the Kapadia house, angry Anuj is suffocating. When Bapu ji calls him/her and tells him/her to keep his/her word instead of kneeling in his/her mind, Anuj tears up. he/she says that he/she will definitely keep his/her word.

Barkha is faced with Maya’s truth

On the other hand, after Anupama’s departure, Maya has started her mission. She is trying hard to woo the younger Anu and Anuj. At the same time, she is also counting them, so that people can loot her accolades as well. Anupama’s sister-in-law Barkha had already got a clue of Maya’s conspiracy. he/she gets into an argument with Maya and she says that she knows that apart from little Anu, she also wants to get Anuj and the entire Kapadia house.

Maya wants praise from Anupama

Maya says on Danke’s injury that she did a lot for the Kapadia family, but as soon as Anupama came, everyone started praising her. So whatever she will do now counts, because she deserves praise like Anupama. Maya leaves after saying her words. Barkha thinks in her mind that Maya is very cunning. Don’t know how simple Anupama will face him/her. Anupama also calls her husband Anuj, but Anuj disconnects the call saying that he/she is busy.

The truth will come out of Maya’s mouth,

In tomorrow’s episode, it will be seen that Anupama gets ready to enter the Kapadia house by showing a mirror to the entire Shah family including Baa. On the other hand, Maya made a cake for little Anu and Anuj gets impressed and says that she is doing a lot for little Anu. After this, it comes out of Maya’s mouth in every conversation, “Chhoti Anu is our daughter”. Hearing this, the ground slips under Anuj’s feet. Now it will be interesting to see what Anuj has to say on this or how Maya reverses this.

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