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Hansal Mehta’s ‘Faraaz’ will be released in theatres, just makers will have to do this work, High Court gave its verdict

Mumbai. A hearing was held in the Delhi High Court on the issue of stopping the release of veteran filmmaker Hansal Mehta’s film ‘Faraj’. This film is based on the terrorist attacks in Dhaka in the year 2016. Although the High Court refused to ban the release of ‘Faraj’. In fact, the mothers of the two victims approached the High Court challenging the release of the film. Hansal Mehta’s film is going to release on February 3. A division bench of Justices Siddharth Mridul and Talwant Singh had directed the filmmakers to ‘seriously follow’ the disclaimers presented in the film.

It has been said in the disclaimer that the film is inspired by a true incident but the elements contained in it are completely fictional. The High Court had issued notice on January 24 and directed the director and producers of the film to file a reply on a petition. This bench had said to file reply in 5 days.

During the last hearing, Senior Advocate Akhil Sibal, appearing for the mothers, informed the High Court that Hansal Mehta and the producers did not allow them to watch the film before its release. Akhil had said, ‘The makers have completely denied it.’ Sibal argued that he had asked the filmmakers to change the name of the film, but they did not agree.

Akhil Sibal said, “We do not know which names have been used in the film. In 2021, he assured us that the names of the two victim girls would not be taken. On this, the court had asked what is the relation with the name of the film?

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Akhil Sibal said on the title of the film that it is the name of the person who was the victim of the attack. Earlier, the bench had said that the filmmaker should first analyze the stand taken by Urdu poet Ahmed Faraj. The court had said, if you are naming the film ‘Faraj’, then you should know what Ahmed Faraj stood for. If you are sensitive to a mother’s feelings, talk to her.

However, advocate Sheel Trehan, representing Hansal Mehta, argued that he did not want to set a precedent for allowing viewing of films before their release. Sheel Trehan said, ‘All the information is already in the public domain.’ Sibal had argued on this, public domain and public record are two different things. Sibal opposed Trehan and said, what is the matter? The mothers will have to live again with the trauma.

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