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Surendra Mehta/HP

Yamunanagar, 4 December

The Health Department makes claims of providing modern facilities and medical treatment to the people of the state, but what is their ground reality is visible in Yamunanagar. The 200-bed district hospital in Yamunanagar was inaugurated by Chief Minister Manohar Lal on May 11 this year. An amount of more than Rs 100 crore has been spent on the construction of the building. Earlier this hospital had only 75 beds.

Yamunanagar is an industrial area where there are thousands of small and big factories, where lakhs of laborers work. These workers are dependent on government services. Every day around 2000 to 2500 patients come to the government hospital of Yamunanagar to get medicines. After waiting for hours, they come to know that there is no specialist in the hospital for the disease for which they have come to get the medicine. Then their case is referred to Kurukshetra or Panchkula.

This district hospital of Yamunanagar has neither ultrasound nor MRI facility for the patients. Ultrasound facility is available only for pregnant women. When the Chief Minister inaugurated this building, orders were given that MRI and ultrasound facilities would also be available for common patients, but it has not been implemented yet.

The surprising thing is that sometimes doctors are not available at their seats. Many times one has to go to a court to testify in a case, and sometimes there is a government meeting at the district or state level, even at that time doctors are not available.

So many posts approved… and so many vacant…

There are 55 sanctioned posts of Medical Officer in Yamunanagar district, out of which 25 are vacant. 4 posts of Deputy Medical Superintendent are sanctioned, out of which 2 are vacant. 10 posts of Senior Nursing are sanctioned, out of which 7 are vacant. There is a post of Senior Pharmacist and that too is vacant. There are 6 posts of Radiographer, out of which two have been appointed temporarily, 4 posts are vacant. 90 posts of Nursing Officer are sanctioned out of which 45 are vacant. There are 10 posts of Pharmacist out of which 5 are vacant. 2 posts of Dental Assistant are vacant. Unfortunately, the post of MD Medicine is vacant for a long time, there is a post of Psychiatrist, that too is vacant. There is no cardiologist, no super specialty specialist is available. Similarly, more than 50 percent posts of other staff are also vacant.

Informed the headquarters, expecting appointments soon: Dr. Mangla

Principal Medical Officer of Yamunanagar, Dr. Divya Mangala said that the headquarters has been informed about the vacant posts of doctors and other staff. Hopefully there will be appointments for various posts soon. He claimed that despite many posts being vacant, the doctors and other staff posted here do not allow any shortage of patients and try to provide all possible facilities to the patients.

Excessive burden on doctors, salary also less: Dr. Rajan Sharma

Dr. Rajan Sharma, former national president of the Indian Medical Association, says that doctors in government hospitals are overloaded. Salary is also less than private hospitals, other facilities are also not available. Due to this, doctors do not like to be appointed in government hospitals. He said that doctors should be kept only in health services, they should not be taken for outside work, salaries should be given as compared to private hospitals.

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