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Hair turns white due to lack of these vitamins, not increasing age, do this work for thick and black hair

White Hair Treatment: With increasing age, many changes also come in our body. Hair fall and hair color change are also included in these changes. When we start approaching the age of 50, the hair color of most people also starts changing and the hair starts turning from black to white. But if this change happens at the right age, then it seems fine, but if the hair starts turning white at an early age, then it embarrasses and at the same time it disturbs mentally.

Due to having white hair, one feels shy even in going to party, festival or office, due to which stress also starts increasing. The problem of white hair can be due to many reasons but mostly it is related to our lifestyle and diet. healthline According to the news, sometimes due to lack of vitamins, the hair starts turning white. Let us know what is the reason for graying of hair and how it can be avoided…

This vitamin causes white hair
According to experts, the biggest reason for graying of hair at an early age is the lack of Vitamin C in the body. The nutrients associated with vitamin C are called ascorbic acid. If the body gets it in sufficient quantity, then it does not make the hair white and at the same time it also prevents the problem of hair fall.

Let us tell you that Vitamin C itself helps in the production of collagen in the body and it prevents hair from turning white. Along with this, hair growth also happens faster and dryness of hair also goes away. Vitamin C is a very useful and essential element for hair.

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How to prevent Vitamin C deficiency: To meet the deficiency of Vitamin C, we need to make changes in our diet. To fulfill this, we can choose fruits and vegetables. According to experts, if we consume nutrients containing about 4 grams of vitamin C every day, then vitamin C deficiency can be made up for faster. Vitamin C also improves your blood circulation.

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Vitamin B is also responsible for: Not only vitamin C deficiency, but vitamin B deficiency also causes hair fall and graying of hair. If there is a deficiency of these vitamins for a long time, then there is a fear of baldness. Vitamin B is found in abundance in dairy products. That’s why you have to increase the intake of milk, curd, cheese in your diet. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are very important for hair growth.

Vitamin D Deficiency: Vitamin D deficiency not only damages our bones but it also damages our hair badly. Research shows that deficiency of Vitamin D also leads to graying of hair. If you are exposed to sunlight for some time daily, then vitamin D deficiency can be fulfilled by this.

Protein Deficiency: Hair growth is also affected by protein deficiency. If you want to make hair long and thick, then sufficient amount of protein has to be given to the hair. Keratin is a type of proton which is very important for hair. It is present in the cells of the hair, when its deficiency starts in the cells, then the hair becomes weak and starts breaking.

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