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Hair is turning white fast, so use potato peel like this

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Due to poor lifestyle, increasing pollution in the environment and deficiencies related to diet, your hair can turn gray faster. The problem of gray hair is troubling even young people these days. In such a situation, you can use many home remedies, one of which is to make dye from potato peel and use it continuously. You must be feeling strange to know this, but you can use it for the problem of white hair. Actually, its starch works to darken the hair over time. Also, it boosts collagen in the hair, which improves the color of your hair.

Potato peels for gray hair uses benefits in hindi

You can use potato peel in many ways for white hair. Out of which the first way is to just boil 5-6 big potato peels. Cook it until its water becomes thick. After this apply it in your hair before shampoo. Apart from this, the second way is to cook 8-10 potato peels in a saucepan with water. After this, add coffee, aloe vera and rose water to it. Apply it in your hair.


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Potato peels benefits for white hair

Potato peel is beneficial for gray hair in many ways. Firstly, potatoes contain a polyphenol oxidase enzyme called tyrosinase. It helps in darkening your hair. Like a cut potato left open, it turns black, using this water for a long time can help turn your hair black.

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Apart from this, water coming out of potato peel contains iron, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, niacin and magnesium. It is not only suitable for gray hair, but it also has the property of reducing hair fall. So, if your hair is graying fast, then you can use potato peel in this way. This will be beneficial for your hair in every way.

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