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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Haier Precis-pro 10-L 5 Star Storage Water Heater (Geyser) with Pipe Free Installation, Shock Proof, Glasslined Tank, ABS Body, Temperature Indicator, 8 Safety Levels, Suitable High Rise Buildings

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Price: ₹11,900 - ₹7,299.00
(as of Jun 18, 2024 13:01:32 UTC – Details)

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Product Description


Haier Water Heater Shock ProofHaier Water Heater Shock Proof

Safe leakage

Shock Proof technology is to form a large resistance between the human body and the machine, make the high voltage to poor voltage, providing you a safe bathing scene

Leakage proof by pure physical structure: in case of electricity leakage. voltage can always be kept lower than 5V to ensure safety


Haier water geyser tankHaier water geyser tank

by Titanium Coating

Titanium coating tank secures premium quality

Standing out from the average tank, with the addition of titanium, Haier Titanium Coating Tank boasts ultra-strong anti-corrosion performance,better durability and premium quality

Anti-corrosion and anti-scaling enamel powder doubles the durability

Enamel dedicated superfine powder increases the anti-corrosion and anti-scaling effects

890°C exquisite craftsmanship doubles the performance

The tank is sintered at a high temperature of 890°C by using the world-leading full-automated robotic laser tracking welding technology: the materials are interpenetrated and bonded to avoid shedding


Haier gyser heating elementHaier gyser heating element

with Power Plus Mo Heating Element

High anti-corrosion Mo alloy coating

A rare metal element. Mo. is added to fully improve the corrosion resistance, 4 times that of the common heating pipes, with effective anti-corrosion and anti-scaling performance and efficient and durable functions


Mo, Cr, Ni, Ti and other rare metal elements are added to ensure the high anti-corrosion performance


Including wire winding,pipe welding and multi-stage electrical performance inspection ensure the high-precise machining


Isolate oxygen to avoid oxidation corrosion


water geyser fresh showerwater geyser fresh shower

by U-Turn Flow Technology

Enjoy a large amount of running water without residual heat

With the pipe-in-pipe principle, the cold water is firstly injected via inner side pipelines in an enclosed way and then outputted by 360° evenly passing through 116 small holes via outer side pipelines in a distributed way, so that the cold water is immediately heated after entering into the tank dispersedly to reduce the impact of cold water against the heat water layer on the top of the tank

Uniformly mixed cold and hot water increases the water output, raises the output rate, and brings a pleasant bathing experience with a large amount of water

Keep water fresh and health without stagnant water deposition

Haier water heaters, the unique U-type water inlet pattern avoids the stagnant water caused by the non-flowing water at the bottom of the tank,Effectively prevent stagnant water deposition, activate water circulation, and keep the water fresh


gijar TTSgijar TTS

TTS Technology

Overheat protection

With the liquid expansion thermostat, when the heating pipe contnues to heat the water to or above 97℃. the thermostat will automatically power off to protect the machine and extend the service life

The protection wil not be automaticaly recovered and the water can be reheated after manual recovery

Precise temperature control

The inner tank blind hole makes the temperature measuremernt more precise: once the water is heated to the preset temperature, the heat process is immediately stopped, reacting quicker and saving more ernergy and electricity


electric geyser insulationelectric geyser insulation

Insulate against Heat Loss

Uniform and dense heatinsulation layer, 360°all-round heat preservation

Based on the innovative S.C.nanometer super-microporous integral foam technology, the Polyurethane Foam (PUF) heat insulation layer is uniformand dense, truly achieving 360° all-round heat preservation: the superior heat insulation effect insulates against heat loss, heats a large amount of water, and gives you energy-saving hot water

Innovative technology,more stable performance

The injection of inert gases realizes amore stable foaming status and better heat insulation performance


geysers BPSgeysers BPS

80°C Bacteria Proof Systerm

As we know, the inner tank of the water heater is the part where bacteria are most likely to grow, because of the mixture of hot and cold water, but Haier water heater‘s unique BPS technology can solve this problem

80°C BPS high-temperature sterilization Leading the industry

Compared with common products in the industry that can only heat the water to 65°C. Haler self-developed liner provides a good pressure bearing capacity. A sterilization temperature of up to 80°C and better sterilization effects

Clean water, safe bathing

With a high sterilizing rate of 99.9%, the more efficient germ-fighting protection system effectively cleans the water and cares for your skin.

Safety Plus: Haier water heater with patented shock-proof technology and multiple layers of leak protection ensure your safety. PR Valve releases excess pressure, and TTS technology protects against overheating
Built to Last: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Haier water heater are built to last. Ultra Micro Coated tank, special steel sheet, and titanium coating enhance performance and durability
Energy Efficient: Star Rating 5, superior insulation geyser, and Incoloy Heating Element save electricity and resist corrosion against extreme water conditions
Durable and Reliable: ABS body, anti-corrosion protection, real-time hot water temperature display, and 8 bars rated working pressure make Haier water heater ideal for high-rise buildings
Save Your Cost: Free installation and Pipes, save your money. Enjoy peace of mind with a 3 years water heater and 7 years inner tank warranty by Haier, no worries to buy.
Health: Choose the Bacteria Proof System (BPS) mode on water heater to eliminate legionella bacteria with water heated up to 80°C
Comfort: More fresh shower by U-Turn Flow technology, Experience consistent and luxurious hot water with Haier Geyser’s advanced features. Enjoy the perfect temperature for refreshing showers and relaxing baths.

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