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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Had come to Azerbaijan for job, Bangkok’s secret was revealed at the airport, and then

Delhi Airport: After a long struggle, Salauddin, who lives in Bijnor city of Uttar Pradesh, got a job in Azerbaijan. But, after landing at Baku airport in Azerbaijan, his Bangkok ‘secret’ came to light. Due to which Salauddin was deported from Baku Airport to Delhi. Whereas in Delhi IGI Airport As soon as he arrived, the Immigration Bureau detained Salauddin and handed him over to the airport police.

IGI Airport Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Ranganani According to , the accused passenger named Salauddin had reached IGI Airport on March 4, 2024, after being deported from Azerbaijan. Investigation by the Immigration Bureau revealed that he was deported because pages 17 and 18 were missing from the passport. The Immigration Bureau suspected that these pages were torn from the passport with the intention of hiding the fake passport or fake immigration stamp.

On the basis of this suspicion, accused Salauddin was handed over to IGI Airport Police for further investigation. After the revelations of the accused during interrogation, layers started being removed from the case one by one. The facts revealed during interrogation proved the suspicions of the Immigration Bureau correct. After which, the airport police filed an IPC section against the accused. A case was registered under Section 420 and Section 12 of the Passport Act and he was arrested.

New character revealed during interrogation
According to DCP Usha Ranganani, during interrogation, Salauddin told that he had studied till class five and he wanted to go abroad to make all his dreams come true. In 2023, Salauddin had come to the house of one of his relatives, it was here that he met an agent named Naseem Ali. It did not take long for Naseem to read Salauddin’s intentions, after which he assured Salauddin of getting a job in Bangkok for Rs 1.5 lakh.

Bangkok talks went wrong at the last moment
DCP Usha Ranganani said that after receiving the amount of Rs 1.5 lakh fixed in the deal, Naseem started arranging for passport and visa for Bangkok. After waiting for a few months, Salauddin’s passport also arrived and a fake visa for Thailand was also put in it. Salauddin was about to leave for Thailand, when Naseem stopped Salauddin’s journey at the last moment due to the absence of his people in Bangkok.

Then it was decided to go to Azerbaijan
Salauddin revealed that after the Bangkok plan failed, Naseem promised to send him to Azerbaijan. Soon the visa for Azerbaijan was also arranged, but the fake Bangkok visa on his passport stood in his way. To remove this hurdle, Salim tore out the page from his passport which contained the fake visa for Bangkok. After this, he left from Delhi for Baku city of Azerbaijan on 3 March 2024.

Now to know what happened to Salauddin after reaching Azerbaijan ,After a long struggle, I got a job abroad, as soon as I stepped on the floor, an old secret was revealed, then what happened after that…, But Click Do it.

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