Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

Hackers created a new virus, which keeps an eye on bank account like this! keep yourself safe

Nexus Trojan: The frequency of cybercrime cases is on a continuous rise. Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated and are using new tactics to trap individuals. Recent reports reveal that hackers have created a new virus called Nexus that targets people’s banking data. The Cybel Research Intelligence Lab (Cybel) states that the Nexus banking trojan targets all devices up to Android 13. The virus allows hackers to steal banking details and clear people’s hard-earned money. In January, Cleafy had reported the development of the Nexus virus, which was then in the developing stage. However, it has now been completely prepared.

The virus takes over an individual’s account and allows hackers to clear their money. Reports suggest that the virus is related to the SOVA banking virus, about which the State Bank of India warned people last year.

To keep your device safe from any malware, it is important to always download apps from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. It is crucial to not install any apps through any third-party app. Using antivirus and internet security software on your device is also important. Additionally, making all banking-related passwords strong and using biometric security on the device can also be helpful. Avoid trusting any unknown linked SMS or email and always keep a distance from them. While giving permission to any app, make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before accepting it.

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Anti-corona vaccine Koovax will be available on the Covin portal, the cost of each dose will be Rs 225, GST will also be applicable.

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