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Gut bacteria linked to death risk in Covid patients? Indian origin scientist’s big disclosure

New Delhi. A new study led by an Indian-American researcher has found differences in the gut bacteria and metabolites of COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU. These patients also had lower levels of secondary bile acids, and a metabolite called “desaminotyrosine”. It offers possibilities of preventing future deaths. According to Bhakti Patel, a pulmonary and critical care specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine, differences in the gut microbiome are linked to an increased risk of death in COVID-19 patients with respiratory failure.

One of the most troubling things during the pandemic was seeing patients who were relatively healthy come to the ICU and have completely different outcomes. Some died, some eventually recovered, and many recovered but were left with permanent complications. In the paper published in Nature Communications, Patel said, “It tells me that something else is going on, and this study shows the health of their microbiome and how they recover from their infection.”

Bhakti and Matthew Stutz, who was a critical care fellow at the time, wanted to study the gut microbiome of patients admitted to the ICU to see if it could help them understand why some patients die after discharge from the hospital. Get well and do well. Patel said, “We were trying to piece together factors that might lend themselves to a biological explanation of why patients become disabled after being in the ICU that goes beyond the stuff we do go, which can lead to complications.

Eric Palmer, Donald F. Steiner Professor of Medicine and director of UChicago’s Duchosois Family Institute (DFI), said careful timing of sample collection was key. The main features of the DFI revealed several remarkable differences in the composition of the microbiome and metabolic products between these patients. Patients who suffered progressive lung failure and died had more of a group of bacteria called protobacteria than patients who recovered.

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