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Gulkand is easy to make, beneficial for health

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Gulkand made from rose petals gives relief from all diseases and removes the problems caused during the summer season. From children to elders, consuming Gulkand is beneficial. The best season to eat Gulkand is considered to be the summer season because it not only keeps the body cool but also keeps the person away from many physical diseases. It is made from rose petals which takes care of the health of everyone from children to elders. Come, now let us know how Gulkand can be made at home. Method of making Gulkand You can make Gulkand very easily at home. For this, read the method given below carefully. Ingredients: 250 grams rose petalsGrounded sugar candy about 250 gramsOne teaspoon ground cardamomHalf a teaspoon ground fennel Method of preparation: First of all, spread the rose petals on a cloth and wash them thoroughly. Place in a vessel. Now put sugar candy on the rose petals kept in this vessel and smash them well with hands. Now mix ground cardamom and ground fennel in it and close it in a glass vessel. Keep it for eight to ten days. Keep it in the sun for 20 minutes and keep stirring it in between. After the juice is released from the sugar candy, the rose petals will melt in it. Now your Gulkand is almost ready. You can use it for food. As many benefits of Gulkand are there, there are some potential disadvantages as well, which are being told below. Gulkand made by mixing fresh rose petals and sugar candy is not only very tasty in taste, it is also beneficial for health in many ways. After knowing these benefits, you will start consuming Gulkand from today itself – 1. Gulkand provides coolness to the body parts. Consumption of Gulkand is very beneficial when the heat in the body increases and gives relief from the problems caused by the heat.
2. Regular consumption of Gulkand is also very beneficial for the brain. Eating just a spoonful of Gulkand in the morning and evening will not only refresh your mind, but will also keep your mind calm and will not make you angry.

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3. This is a panacea for the problem of constipation or indigestion. Consuming Gulkand daily will relieve constipation and along with increasing appetite, it will also be helpful in smoothening the digestive system. It is especially beneficial and safe in pregnancy. 4. Using Gulkand is a better way to increase eyesight and provide coolness. It will also relieve you from the problem of eye irritation and conjunctivitis. 5. Use of Gulkand is also very beneficial for mouth ulcers and skin problems. On the other hand, Gulkand will prove beneficial even if there is a lack of energy and fatigue.

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