Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Gujarat: BJP MP, who left before the debate, did not get involved with the MLA on the instructions of the party

Ahmedabad. BJP MP and AAP MLA argued with each other on the issue of development in tribal areas and challenged them to debate. At the appointed time, AAP MLA Chaitar Vasava appeared ready for the debate, but MP Mansukh Vasava shied away from the debate on the pretext of being busy. There is speculation that he/she did so on the instructions of the party.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Chaitar Vasava is a first-time MLA from Gujarat’s tribal-dominated Dediapada seat, before which he/she was an assistant to Bhartiya Tribal Party MLA Chhotubhai Vasava. Since becoming an MLA, Chaitar Bhai has been active on the issue of tribals and has been attacking the BJP government in the state regarding the government’s tribal welfare schemes.

he/she has a tussle with BJP MP Mansukh Vasava from Bharuch parliamentary seat, recently MP Vasava openly challenged Chaitar Vasava for a debate on tribal development, then MLA Vasava agreed to come at the time and address given by the MP.

A debate was to be held between the BJP MP and the AAP MLA at Rajpipla’s Gandhi Maidan at 11 am on Saturday, but at the last moment the MP shied away from the debate on the pretext of being busy. On the other hand, MLA Vasava alleged that the contracts issued by the government for tribal schemes are taken by the people close to the MP and instead of development, they distribute the grants meant for tribal welfare.

The state government alone has spent more than Rs one lakh crore in the last two decades on tribal welfare programmes, but the AAP MLA alleges that the tribals are not getting the benefit. Chaitra Vasava also claimed that he/she was ready to come to the debate with the document but police stopped him/her as soon as he/she left Dediapada, although many of his/her colleagues and party leaders were seen waiting for the BJP MP after reaching Gandhi Maidan.

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