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Graphics are slowing down in laptop, reset in a pinch with this shortcut key, speed will increase


After the graphics are slow, reset it by pressing Ctrl+Win+B butter in PC or laptop.
You can easily cut background running software through Ctrl+shift+Esc shortcut key.
Due to the temporary file, the speed of the laptop also decreases, delete it with Win + R.

New Delhi. While playing games in Windows PC, laptop, it is common for it to hang due to slow graphics. Because of this many times people try to refresh it by restarting it. People get upset because of slowing down again only after running properly for some time. If you also have such problems while gaming, now you can reset the graphics in a pinch through the shortcut key. After this the speed of the laptop increases.

Apart from this, such problems can also occur due to not cutting the background running software. Keep deleting temporary files regularly over time. To keep your device running fast.

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Reset graphics with this shortcut key
When the graphic is slow while playing daily tasks and games in the laptop, it can be refreshed repeatedly to increase the speed. Despite this, if the graphics hang during gaming and the pictures are not visible clearly, then use Ctrl+Win+B shortcut key for this. This increases the speed of the laptop after resetting the graphics. If you face any kind of problem while playing games or even while using any heavy software, then you can use this shortcut key.

How to disable background running software
If the speed of the laptop does not increase even after resetting the graphics, then you can disable the background running app. Actually, due to background running software, the speed of both graphics and laptop decreases. You can also disable it permanently. Apart from this, if the software is needed again and again, then disable it temporarily through the Ctrl+shift+Esc shortcut key.

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Delete Temporary Files like this
Due to continuous use of computer, its speed also decreases due to creation of temporary files. It is very easy to delete it, for this use Win + R shortcut. After this, type Cleanmgr when the run prompt opens. After this, after getting the option to delete the temporary files, by clicking on the OK button, you can remove it from the computer forever. With these three tricks, the speed of any laptop or computer increases.

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