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Gram flour: Are you also not eating adulterated gram flour dishes? How to identify real and fake gram flour

We do not know that we use gram flour made from gram in many flavors. Usually we do this in all the dishes like gram flour laddus, pakodi curry, gram flour barfi and halua. Although it is always used, but everyone likes to eat gram flour bhajiya in the rain. Apart from enhancing the taste of flavors, gram flour is also beneficial for health. But now instead of real gram flour, adulterated gram flour is being found in the market which can be harmful for health. Although gram flour of many big brands is available in the super market but does not give any guarantee of purity.

However, today we are telling you an easy way to identify real and fake gram flour. Let us know how to identify real and fake gram flour and also know how adulteration is done in it.
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This is how the adulteration of gram flour happens

It is said that many people are selling corn flour mixed with gram flour. Even the matter of adding wheat flour to it has also come to the fore. According to the information, under the guise of profit, all the profiteers mix up to 75 percent of semolina, peas, rice powder, maize and khesari flour and artificial colors in 25 percent gram flour. In such a situation, people are not able to identify the real and fake gram flour.

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How to identify fake gram flour

Whenever you bring loose gram flour or packets unopened from the market and you suspect that there is some adulteration in it, you can use hydrochloric acid to identify it. For this, take two spoons of gram flour in a bowl and make a paste by mixing two spoons of water in it.

After this, add two spoons of hydrochloric acid to it and leave it for five minutes. Within a short time, you should notice that if the color of gram flour appears red, then understand that the gram flour has been adulterated and it is not pure gram flour.

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To identify the real gram flour, you can take the help of lemon

To check whether gram flour is adulterated or not, you take two spoons of gram flour and add two spoons of lemon juice to it. Also add 2 teaspoons of hydrochloric acid to it. Let it remain like this for some time. After a while, if the gram flour turns red or brown i.e. gray color, then it means that the gram flour is fake.

Fake gram flour can cause these problems

You will be surprised to know that consuming fake gram flour can cause many health problems. You may enjoy the flavors made from fake gram flour, but eating it can lead to joint pain, disability and stomach related diseases.


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